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‘Playbook’ gives tips on hosting Super Bowl party at church, home

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (BP)–With the motto, “You can’t share Jesus too many times. And you can’t have too many balloons,” Tim Knopps teaches Christians to plan and to enjoy an eternally productive Super Bowl watch party.

Knopps’ party “playbook” has been widely distributed among Christian groups throughout the country in preparation for the Feb. 6 Super Bowl. The 30-page how-to manual contains not only practical suggestions for planning parties both at home and at church, but also games and humorous illustrations.

From decorating tips to testing video equipment, the booklet walks a host through a two-week “countdown calendar” of preparation.

“You are going to be amazed at how simple it is to take a three hour football game and turn it into something with eternal impact,” Knopps writes.

In contrast to Super Bowl party tips one may find in secular periodicals, this evangelism tool adds concrete ways to build witnessing into the agenda. He suggests setting aside areas for quiet conversation in the room layout and laying out witnessing material in places convenient for picking up and reading. He also suggests obtaining an NFL player’s videotaped testimony or planning to share your own testimony during commercials, halftime or pre-and post-game shows.

“A Super Bowl party is just the occasion you need to tell people about Jesus. Everyone is having a great time, the atmosphere is exciting and the next thing you know someone is sharing how great it is to be a believer,” he writes.

To order a copy of the Super Bowl Watch Party Playbook, e-mail Tim Knopps at [email protected], or call (405) 205-0303.

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