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Point to the uniqueness of Christ, Roberts says

WAKE FOREST, N.C. (BP)–The genuine answer to life’s most important question — How can I win eternity? -– is found in only one world religion, Phil Roberts told students at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary on Aug. 25.

Exhorting students to focus on the uniqueness of Christ when guiding others to eternal life, Roberts, president of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, preached from the Mark 10:17-22 account of the rich young ruler.

Roberts, a well-known expert and author in the field of evangelism among alternative religions, noted to students at Southeastern’s Wake Forest, N.C., campus how the passage is a paradigm of how people often respond to the claims of Christ.

The young man was willing to follow Jesus until he saw that it meant giving up his material possessions, said Roberts of Kansas City, Mo. People often people seek Jesus with the right attitude, Roberts noted, but are unwilling to fully accept His requirements.

“Jesus wanted the man to have the peace that his heart longed for, but the man could not have it because he was living for himself,” Roberts said.

Roberts challenged the seminarians not to forget that they are called as Christians to give away their lives in order to gain eternal life. This calling cannot be done by merit or religious affiliation but only through faith in Christ.

“Salvation has nothing to do with your religious identity, where you were baptized or where you are a member,” Roberts said. “It has everything to do with if you have faith in Jesus Christ.”

Believers must encourage each other to let go of worldly “stuff” and cling tighter to Christ, Roberts said, noting that the main assignment for ministers is to point people to the Lord Jesus Christ in any way possible.

Roberts concluded his message by reminding the seminarians that the calling to guide others to Christ is crucial because no matter how many steps in the journey of faith a person may get right, faith in Christ alone can result in eternal life.

“Like the rich man, they can have so many things right for so long and sometimes at the end they can lose it all because of one wrong decision,” Roberts said.

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