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Quadruplet enjoys Baptist campus while missing siblings’ company

ABILENE, Texas (BP)–Making the choice of where to attend college wasn’t necessarily a difficult one for Lindsay Adams.

The Hardin-Simmons University freshman, when asked why she selected the Baptist-related college in Abilene, admitted she didn’t even look at any other schools. A key influence, she recounted, was a “Disciple Now” weekend at her church in Flower Mound, Texas, led by HSU’s Love Company (a Christian drama team). She heard good things about HSU and decided then that was where God wanted her to be.

The decision may have meant a bit more momentous for Adams in being separated from her family. Adams a quadruplet, one of four children, two girls and two boys, of Kent and Patty Adams.

When asked if it was hard for her and her siblings to split up, Adams commented that, at first, it wasn’t so bad. But as the months go by, though, she is realizing the extent to which she had grown to depend on and enjoy her siblings’ company; she realized that they really hadn’t known anything else apart from always having someone to talk to, play with, confide in or pick on.

Now that all four of them are attending different schools, some of them in different states, Adams said they are ecstatic anytime they get to see each other, which isn’t often. One of her brothers, Clayton, attends Harding University in Arkansas. Her brother, Paul, is a student at the University of Missouri at Rawla, where he is a member of the swim team, and her sister, Brooke, attends North Central Texas College, a junior college in the Dallas area.

Adams added with an enthusiastic note that Brooke is contemplating transferring to HSU in the near future.

The excitement in Adams’ life heightened with her recent engagement to HSU sophomore Shawn Cordova of San Diego, Calif. In telling of her family’s response to her big announcement, Adams noted that her brother, Clayton, joked with her that he was supposed to be the first to get engaged, but in spite of that, he approved of her choice.

However, before getting married, Adams has plans to complete her schooling, majoring in nursing with a minor in Bible. She is also a competitive member of HSU’s golf team and a member of the college department at Abilene’s First Baptist Church.
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