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Riding a Harley & the mission of God

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (BP) — I ran across a Twitter post by a motorcyclist the other day reminding fellow bikers to always stop when they see one of their own broken down on the side of the road.

The comment got me to thinking about things I’ve learned riding my Harley-Davidson Road King along the highways and byways of our state, including the Pastor/Staff Motorcycle Ride sponsored by the Arkansas Baptist State Convention and the Arkansas Baptist News last summer. About 25 of us participated, including Sonny Tucker, the convention’s executive director.

As I consider the believer’s calling and mission to the cause of Jesus Christ and to make Him known, there are some biker parallels:

(1) Stay alert. It is imperative for Christians, much like bikers, to stay alert and focused. Failing to do so can result in severe injury or even death.

(2) Refer to the map. The road map for Christians is clear and found in the Bible. It is important to refer to the road map often or, like the biker, risk getting off-course and becoming disoriented.

(3) Read the signs. Signs along the roadway alert motorcyclists to things like uneven surfaces and dangerous intersections, but it also is important to keep watch for obstacles that have no warning, such as road debris and other dangerous hazards.

(4) Share the road. Hogging the road and having a sense of entitlement to the right of way is something bikers must not do and can be quite foolish. As Christians, we know the Truth and we should share it with love and respect — allowing God to be the judge.

(5) Anticipate the unexpected. The old adage is true: “If it can happen, it probably will.” Bikers must ride defensively, always on their guard for motorists around them. Christians must do likewise, expecting and anticipating that the storms of life will come and that one’s faith will be challenged.

(6) Enjoy the journey. For bikers, it is “all about the ride” and the “fun of getting there.” For Christians, we are only on Earth for a short time. Rather than live our lives disengaged and disconnected, avoiding sharing our faith and doing the work of our heavenly Father, we should work faithfully to embrace our calling and enjoy the journey of being a light amid darkness and aliens in a foreign land!

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  • Tim Yarbrough/Arkansas Baptist News