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SBC online service connects survivors with family and friends

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–The Southern Baptist Convention is offering a free online service to aid those displaced by Hurricane Katrina to reconnect with their family and friends.

The Survivor Information Database, at www.SBC.net, is available for those searching for persons displaced by the hurricane and for those who were displaced to alert family and friends as to their condition and location.

The service should be a good means of communication, according to Chris Chapman, director of information systems for the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee and manager of the website.

“All of the information in the database is available to the public, so people using the Survivor Information Database should only include phone numbers, e-mail or personal information that they want published,” he said. “But, we know that a large number of people are searching for their loved ones, including Southern Baptists and their families and friends, and this resource might help them reconnect with each other.”

Officials estimate that more than 1 million residents of the Gulf Coast will be unable for months to return to the homes they evacuated because of the hurricane. About half of those displaced are from New Orleans.

Southern Baptists compose a considerable portion of the populations in states most impacted by the devastation, making up about 34, 33 and 18 percent respectively, of the residents in Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana.

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