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Senate ‘deluged’ by phone calls on marriage amendment

WASHINGTON (BP)–The push by pro-family leaders to get Christians to call their senators about the Federal Marriage Amendment appears to be succeeding.

On Monday, July 12 — one day after thousands nationwide participated in a “Battle for Marriage” simulcast — Washington was swamped by phone calls urging senators to support the marriage amendment.

“We haven’t seen this kind of grass-roots lobbying effort since the Iraq war,” Chris Lisi, a spokesman for Sen. Mark Dayton, D.-Minn., an amendment opponent, told the St. Paul Pioneer Press. “A majority of the phone messages from the weekend, and now today, are from Minnesotans mentioning that they were in church yesterday, and it sounded like their places of worship were encouraging them to contact offices like ours.”

The Washington Post reported July 13 that Senate offices “were deluged with phone calls and e-mails prompted by heavy grass-roots mobilizations over the weekend, topped off by two appeals for passage by President Bush.”

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins said in his daily e-mail July 12 that Christians must continue to call Washington.

“[I]t is imperative that you once again contact your senators and tell them to protect marriage when they vote on Wednesday,” Perkins said. “Don’t accept excuses from your senators’ staff. Additionally, don’t be alarmed if you are transferred into a voicemail box or get a busy signal. We’re shutting down the phones on Capitol Hill, and that’s a good thing. Just hang up and call back until you get someone on the phone.”

Constitutional amendments require the passage of two-thirds of both the House and Senate and three-quarters of the states.
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