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Southwestern goes to the Internet with educational ministries journal

FORT WORTH, Texas (BP)–A new journal for educational ministers represents a new breed of seminary publication — one that is electronic and interactive.

“Equipping U,” the journal of Southwestern’s school of educational ministries, debuted earlier this month on the Fort Worth, Texas, seminary’s Internet web page, at www.swbts.edu/equippingu/index.htm.

The electronic publication is designed to provide practical help for people in the field of educational ministries and will feature articles from faculty, practitioners and students.

The journal takes advantage of the benefits of the Internet by allowing anyone who visits the website to participate in discussions with faculty, students and other website visitors.

“There was a desire to see the wonderful experience on campus made available to a wider audience,” said Daryl Eldridge, dean of the school of educational ministries and managing editor of Equipping U.

The journal welcomes readers’ comments on the current issue and suggestions for future topics, said Jim Walter, professor of adult education and the editor of the first issue.

“In some ways, the audience defines the makeup and content of the journal,” he added.

The use of the Internet will keep costs low and allow the school to publish a new issue of Equipping U every two weeks. In comparison, the Southwestern Journal of Theology comes out once a semester.

The on-line journal will not have limits on the number of pages and, therefore, no limit on the length or number of articles. The journal also includes links to other Christian education resources and updated announcements of professional associations.

The first issue features the article “Twenty-first Century Roles of the Senior Adult Minister” by Walter. The issue also includes a dissertation abstract on juvenile delinquency among drug abusers by James Michael Peters and a discussion on how churches decide on Bible study curriculum.

Each educational ministries faculty member will edit one issue of the magazine per year. The journal has an editorial board that will serve as a clearinghouse for topics, develop guidelines for the submission of articles and promote the journal.

The next issue of Equipping U will be posted Jan. 15.

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