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St. Louis Call to Prayer rebroadcast nationally

NASHVILLE (BP) — Southern Baptists’ impassioned pleas for revival, the church and racial reconciliation at the St. Louis Call to Prayer were rebroadcast on Salem Radio stations nationally June 18-19.

For the second consecutive year, Salem Radio rebroadcast at no cost to the SBC the Call to Prayer hosted by then-SBC President Ronnie Floyd at the annual meeting.

The prayer service was carried on 41 radio stations in 32 markets, the largest with an audience reach of 33 million, Salem Radio told Baptist Press.

Top stations rebroadcasting the prayer service, Salem Radio said, were Family Talk-131 and Sirius-XM in two timeslots on June 19, with a coverage area encompassing more than 33 million people; WMCA-AM 570 the Mission in New York, with a reach of 20.9 million; Faith & Reason KKLA-FM 99.5 in Los Angeles, 14.2 million; Philadelphia Christian Radio WFIL-AM 560 in Philadelphia, Pa., 13.9 million; and Hope for Your Life WYLL-AM 1160 in Chicago, with a reach of 12.8 million.

“We are praying for God to work mightily through His Spirit and His Word in your event tonight and on the Salem airwaves all across America,” Christopher Gould, Salem Radio vice president for national program development, told Floyd in an email on the opening day of the St. Louis SBC annual meeting, June 14.

The prayer service also was carried on DayStar television network, which reaches more than 108 million U.S. households and over 714 million homes worldwide, for a potential audience of 2 billion people. The service was also livestreamed at sbcannualmeeting.net.

Floyd expressed appreciation for the opportunity to share the event with those unable to attend the annual meeting at the America’s Center complex in St. Louis.

“Through television and radio as well as the web, Baptists as well as evangelicals or any interested party can obviously get online or watch on television from all across the world,” Floyd told Baptist Press. “This is a huge opportunity for the Gospel, tremendous opportunity for Southern Baptists to forward the name of Christ around the world at no cost to the convention … because it’s a blessing from these ministries.”