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Support for CP Missions causes underscored in Okla. resolution

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. (BP)–Oklahoma Baptists underscored their support Nov. 13 for Southern Baptists’ Cooperative Program channel of supporting CP Missions initiatives nationally and internationally.

In a “Resolution on Gratefulness and Continued Support for the Southern Baptist Convention and its Cooperative Ministries,” the convention stated:

“WHEREAS, in 1914, the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma uniquely aligned itself with the ministries of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) and since the inception of the Cooperative Program in 1925, Oklahoma Baptists have been full participants in the greatest voluntary funding program in Christian history which during the 2001 fiscal year, the SBC executive committee received and disbursed $176.9 million Cooperative Program gifts and $170 million in designated giving, and

“WHEREAS, Oklahoma Baptists provided SBC leadership through four SBC presidents who were serving Oklahoma Baptist churches and those SBC presidents were Thomas D. Elliff (1997-98), Bailey E. Smith (1981-82), Herschel H. Hobbs (1962-63), J. W. Storer (1954-1955), and

“WHEREAS, thousands of active and retired missionaries with Oklahoma roots served or currently serve the International Mission Board and North American Mission Board in 156 nations reaching more than 1,000 people groups, and

“WHEREAS, through the ministry of Southern Baptists internationally and domestically, missionaries and churches reported in 2000 that 872,767 people were baptized and 8,225 new churches were started and 30,331 volunteers participated in international and North American mission projects, and

“WHEREAS, the North American Mission Board has become a stronger partner with state conventions working toward reaching their respective states with the Gospel and facilitated the concerted efforts of Southern Baptists, including our own Oklahoma Baptist chaplains, during recent terrorist disasters in New York City, New York and Washington, D. C. which includes serving over 330,000 meals and witnessing to countless individuals about the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and

“WHEREAS, the six SBC seminaries are experiencing such unprecedented growth in numbers of students that they currently have enrolled more students than all the other seminaries in North America combined, and

“WHEREAS, the SBC Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, the Annuity Board, LifeWay, and the SBC auxiliary, The Women’s Missionary Union, have demonstrated new levels of effectiveness in providing resources for churches, pastors, staff members so that the world has a clearer understanding of the Lord’s work through Southern Baptists, and

“WHEREAS, the leaders of our Southern Baptists entities and auxiliary are visionary, missionary, and effective men and women of God giving their lives for the advancement of the Kingdom of God in the world,

“BE IT RESOLVED, Oklahoma Baptists are grateful to God for the privilege of serving as full participants in the expansive work of the SBC at home and abroad, and

“BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, Oklahoma Baptists are more committed than ever to send forward 40% of undesignated receipts to the SBC executive committee for distribution to SBC Cooperative Program ministries, and

“BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, Oklahoma Baptists pray and give thanks to the Lord for His call of some of our best people to go to the “white unto harvest” mission fields via the International and North American Mission Boards, and

“BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, these are days of incredible opportunity for cooperative ministry with the SBC and we encourage Oklahoma Baptist churches to strengthen their ties, pray for SBC cooperative mission and evangelism efforts, give generously to the Cooperative Program and avail themselves of the ministry opportunities and excellent resources available through our SBC and its entities.”

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