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The people speak: A history of marriage votes

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP) — Every state that has voted on the issue of marriage at the ballot has affirmed the traditional definition of marriage being between a man and a woman.

Following is a list of each state that has voted on the issue. Unless noted, each vote involved a constitutional marriage amendment. Passage of the various proposals has come by an average margin of 67-33 percent.


Alaska, 68-32 percent

Hawaii, 69-31 percent


*California, 61-39 percent

Nevada, 70-30 percent (first of two required votes)

Nebraska, 70-30 percent


Nevada, 67-33 percent (second of two required votes)


Arkansas, 75-25 percent

Georgia, 76-24 percent

Kentucky, 75-25 percent

Louisiana, 78-22 percent

Michigan, 59-41 percent

Mississippi, 86-14 percent

Missouri, 71-29 percent

Montana, 67-33 percent

North Dakota, 73-27 percent

Ohio, 62-38 percent

Oklahoma, 76-24 percent

Oregon, 57-43 percent

Utah, 66-34 percent


Kansas, 70-30 percent

Texas, 76-24 percent


Alabama, 81-19 percent

Colorado, 56-44 percent

Idaho, 63-37 percent

South Carolina, 78-22 percent

South Dakota, 52-48 percent

Tennessee, 81-19 percent

Virginia, 57-43 percent

Wisconsin, 59-41 percent


**Arizona, 56-44 percent

California, 52-48 percent

Florida, 62-38 percent


***Maine, 53-47 percent


North Carolina, 61-39 percent
*California’s 2000 vote was an initiative and not a constitutional amendment.

**Arizona voters defeated a marriage amendment in 2006, only to pass one two years later.

***Maine’s initiative was not a constitutional amendment but a “people’s veto” that overturned a gay “marriage” law.

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