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True North documents Canadians’ faith

ALPHARETTA, Ga. (BP)–“True North,” a one hour documentary on ABC television, takes viewers across Canada to meet people from different walks of life who share a deep, personal spiritual faith.
The documentary, produced by the Emmy winning Southern Baptist Media Technology Group of the North American Mission Board, is scheduled to be sent to local ABC stations Oct. 19. The program is hosted by Tony-nominated actress Julie Harris.
Viewers will meet Jeff Jordan, a lobster fisherman from Prince Edward Island, and his father, Wallace Jordan, fisherman turned Baptist pastor. From Toronto, Ontario, Dean and Lisa Balkwill give their testimony of how they met in theater work and Lisa’s mother led Dean to faith in Christ. Mo Gudzowaty is a Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman in Calgary, Alberta. He shares how the Lord brought him through his struggle with alcoholism.
These and other individuals featured in the program talk openly about their relationship with God and what he means in their lives. The interviews are framed by the breathtaking scenery of the Canadian countryside.
Actual broadcast dates and times will vary depending on local affiliate stations. ABC affiliates have until mid-December to air the program. The Media Technology Group will be in contact with Southern Baptist churches to advise them when the program is set to air in their area. For dates and times, call 1-800-737-4011.
The program is produced as part of the Interfaith Broadcasting Commission’s (IBC) “Vision and Values” series.
NAMB’s Media Technology Group is located in the Fort Worth studios formerly operated by the Radio and Television Commission which combined with the Home Mission Board and the Brotherhood Commission to create the new missions agency. The group produces daily and weekly television programs and four weekly radio programs, and operates two TV program services, ACTS and FamilyNet.

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