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Vince Lombardi’s wisdom kicks off Gospel tract

GREEN BAY, Wis. (BP)–The Four Spiritual Laws and the Roman Road are fine, but for Baptists in the Green Bay, Wis., area, the Vince Lombardi tract is the best evangelism tool around, according to Dennis Hansen, director of missions for the Bay Lakes Baptist Association in northeastern Wisconsin.

OK, so the legendary coach of the Green Bay Packers was Catholic, not Southern Baptist, but one of his quotes graces the green-and-gold cover of a Gospel tract that the Bay Lakes association has produced and Hansen has used repeatedly to lead people to faith in Christ.

“Think of only three things — your God, your family and the Green Bay Packers … in that order,” Lombardi once said. Beneath that quote on the cover of the tract is the question: “Have you put your life in order?”

Inside, the tract uses Scripture and quotes from Wisconsinites to show that God’s desire is to have a loving relationship with every person. It emphasizes man’s sin, God’s provision through the finished work of Christ, and the necessity of making a personal decision: “The choice is yours. Would you like to receive Christ now?” There is a sample prayer for those wishing to trust in Jesus, and follow-up Scriptures to help new believers grow in their faith.

“People love anything having to do with the Packers,” Hansen said. “The biggest challenge I have is walking people through the plan of salvation before they take the tract with them as a souvenir.”

Hansen is happy to give them the souvenir, but his greatest joy is when they say yes to the question, “Would you like to receive Christ now?”
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