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‘What Christian brothers do’; kidney transplant saves life

CHICAGO (BP)–“This is what’s expected of brothers. We are not strangers. We are brothers.” Such are not only the words, but also the actions, of ministers Charles “Charlie” Jones of Chicago and Doug Morrow of the Illinois Baptist Children’s Home and Family Services.

Jones’ kidneys began to fail about eight years ago and in 2003, he started dialysis. A kidney transplant was the only answer. Morrow heard of Jones’ need while attending a worship service at Rose of Light Church, where Jones served as pastor. Morrow investigated and found that he was a match.

“I have no option. This is what Christian brothers do,” Morrow said.

After much testing and a few delays, the transplant took place on June 9. The transplant surgeon called it a complete success.

Jones said the episode was a matter of God’s will and timing.

“If I had not become a Southern Baptist and started doing missions and meetings with other Illinois Baptist churches, I probably would not have met Doug,” Jones said. “God put us together.”

Said Morrow, “Charlie exemplifies servant leadership. We need more of that kind of leadership. My decision to do this was based on biblical brotherhood; that kind of binding lasts a long time. Our state is stratified in so many ways; there is no room for Christians to do things that separate us. We should not be known for our buildings; we should be known by our love.”

Jones noted that the two men are of different races. Jones is black, Morrow white.

“We need to share Jesus Christ through our lives,” he said. “This whole thing shares the oneness between African Americans and Anglos. I hope that this will also help others to become donors. Again, this is what’s expected of brothers. We are all brothers in Christ. Southern Baptists have a plan to save the world. We need to work together.”

“Jesus gave me eternal life,” Jones added. “Doug has given me an extension of life.”
Dennis Dawson is associate executive director of the Illinois Baptist State Association. This story first appeared in the Illinois Baptist, online at www.ibsa.org/illinoisbaptist/current

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