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WMU awards $125,241 in grants & scholarships

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (BP)–Second Century Fund grants totaling $81,500 were announced for missions initiatives around the world during the Jan. 10-13 Woman’s Missionary Union board meeting at Shocco Springs Baptist Conference Center in Talladega, Ala.

The WMU executive board also awarded $43,741 in scholarships and other grants.

“In partnership with WMU, it is our privilege to support missions work and leadership development through the disbursement of these funds and others,” said David George, president of the WMU Foundation. “Without exception, every request was impressive and worthy of financial support which made our selection process especially challenging.”

Created by WMU during its centennial year in 1988, the Second Century Fund is a permanent endowment managed by the WMU Foundation. The fund’s purpose is to provide financial support for leadership development of women participating in missions work. Since 1988, WMU has awarded more than $1.2 million in grants through this fund.

This year, Second Century Funds for international missions work were awarded to projects in Lebanon, $6,000; Romania, $1,000; Indonesia, $2,500; Tanzania, $3,000; and to Tunosye Mboya, Georgetown College, Georgetown, Ky., $1,000.

WMU organizations receiving grants, by state or province and dollar amount, are: Alaska, $3,000; Arizona, $4,000; Canada, $2,700; California, $3,000; Colorado, $3,000; Dakotas, $4,000; District of Columbia, $5,500; Indiana, $2,000; Iowa, $2,500; Kansas-Nebraska, $5,500; Michigan, $2,500; Minnesota-Wisconsin, $2,800; Montana, $5,000; Nevada, $4,000; New England, $2,000; New York, $2,000; Northwest, $4,000; Ohio, $2,000; Pennsylvania/South Jersey, $2,500; West Virginia, $3,000; and Wyoming, $3,000.

In addition to grants from the Second Century Fund, the executive board awarded 28 scholarships with 13 designated to children of missionaries.
For more information on the Second Century Fund and other funds and endowments held by the WMU Foundation, call toll free 1-877-482-4483 or visit www.wmufoundation.com.