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WMU awards $138,194 in grants & scholarships

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (BP)–Awarding grants and scholarships is “one of the many ways we see God’s hand in what we do,” said David George, president of WMU Foundation, in announcing $138,194 in grants and scholarships during the mid-January Woman’s Missionary Union board meeting.

The $90,500 in awards from the Second Century Fund and an additional $47,694 in scholarships and other grants are “confirmation of the plan that He set in motion years before,” George said. “We are honored to carry forward the generous commitment of the WMU family to meet the needs of others.”

The Second Century Fund was created in 1988 to usher WMU into its second century of missions education initiatives. Managed by the WMU Foundation, the Second Century Fund provides financial support for women’s leadership development both in the United States and around the world.

This year, WMU continued its three-year commitment to Moldova, via a partnership with the Baptist Union’s women’s department there. WMU also made a grant to support international work in Korea through Kentucky WMU.

Other Second Century Fund grants awarded, by state or province and dollar amount, are: Alaska, $4,500; Arizona, $4,000; California, $3,000; Colorado, $3,000; Dakotas, $5,500; Hawaii, $5,500; Indiana, $5,200; Iowa, $1,500; Kansas/Nebraska, $3,500; Michigan, $3,000; Minnesota/Wisconsin, $2,800; Montana, $5,500; Nevada, $4,000; Northwest, $5,500; Ohio, $2,500; Pennsylvania/South Jersey, $3,000; Puerto Rico/Virgin Islands, $5,000; Utah/Idaho, $2,500; West Virginia, $5,500; and Wyoming, $4,000.

WMU awarded more than $20,000 through the Missions Education Endowment, which provides funding for missions, missions education and/or scholarships. This year, in addition to three individual scholarships, the Missions Education Endowment funded a variety of projects, including the Angel Tree Camp training workshop for Baptist Latin American women’s Leaders and others.

WMU also awarded 34 scholarships, as compared to 26 last year, through the Julia C. Pugh Scholarship, Mattie J.C. Russell Scholarship, Elizabeth Lowndes Scholarship, Mary B. Rhodes Scholarship, Emma McIver Woody Scholarship and the Jessica Powell Loftis Scholarship for Acteens. Twenty-three of the 34 scholarships went to missionary kids (MKs).
For more information about the Second Century Fund or other funds and endowments held by the WMU Foundation, call toll-free 1-877-482-4483 or visit www.wmufoundation.com.

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