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Evangelicals Engaging Emergent
A Discussion of the Emergent Church Movement

William Henard & Adam Greenway

While plenty of books related to the conversations as well as controversies surrounding the emergent church have surfaced in recent years, no comprehensive evangelical assessment of the movement has been published until now. Evangelicals Engaging Emergent draws from a broad spectrum of conservative evangelicalism to serve as a clear, informative, fair, and respectful guide for those desiring to know what "emergent" means, why it originated, where the movement is going, what issues concern emergent believers, and where they sometimes go wrong theologically.

Among the dozen contributors are Norman Geisler ("A Postmodern View of Scripture"), Darrell Bock ("Emergent/Emerging Christologies"), Ed Stetzer ("The Emergent/Emerging Church: A Missiological Perspective"), and Daniel Akin ("The Emerging Church and Ethical Choices: The Corinthian Matrix").

B&H Publishing Group, Paperback, $24.99


Holman QuickSource Guide to Understanding Jesus
Jeremy Howard

Book six in the greatly successful, visually-driven, yet content-rich reference series, the Holman QuickSource Guide to Understanding Jesus takes a close and clear look at Christ in five parts: (1) His Old Testament background, (2) His life on Earth, (3) the Cross, (4) His teachings, and (5) His followers.

Author Jeremy Howard, an apologetics expert inspired by the engaging style of C. S. Lewis, equips Christians with answers to deep and challenging spiritual questions while also helping seekers and unbelievers see Jesus for who He really is. In support, the book includes more than two hundred color photographs and illustrations.

B&H Publishing Group, Paperback, $14.99


The Cradle, the Cross, and the Crown
An Introduction to the New Testament

Andreas J. Köstenberger, L. Scott Kellum, & Charles L. Quarles

Although Scripture cannot be reduced to a mere piece of human writing, there is much to gain by paying careful attention to the historical, literary, and theological dimensions of the biblical text. For this reason, The Cradle, the Cross, and the Crown is offered to the serious New Testament student who seeks to better understand and share God's "word of truth" (2 Timothy 2:15). Across nearly one thousand pages, it thoroughly introduces all twenty-seven New Testament books and closely examines Christ's incarnation and virgin birth, the heart of His ministry shown so vividly in the Gospels' Passion Narratives, and the triumphant return of Jesus and our eternal reign with Him as depicted in Revelation.

B&H Publishing Group, Hardcover, $59.99


The Painful Side of Leadership
Jeff Iorg

Christian leadership is often likened to the peaceful image of a shepherd leading his sheep. But the truth is that sheep tend to wander toward trouble, and shepherds don't always handle the challenges of their job with grace and ease.

The Painful Side of Leadership encourages and equips Christian leaders with biblical insights to better manage painful ministry circumstances, relationships, and choices. Author and seminary president Jeff Iorg writes candidly throughout to those who may feel beaten up by their mistakes, their critics, or having to make unpopular decisions.

B&H Publishing Group, Paperback, $14.99


You Are Gifted
Ken Hemphill

A book about spiritual gifts is sure to address well-known gift passages and guide readers toward a greater understanding of how to find and use what God has assigned to them. Those areas are clearly discussed and then taken into an even greater context in You Are Gifted by respected church voice Ken Hemphill.

The central thrust of Scripture is that spiritual gifts are graciously given by God to enable believers to participate fully in the edification of the church and the advance of the kingdom.

B&H Publishing Group, Hardcover, $17.99


Simple Life
Thom S. Rainer & Art Rainer

The research and change methods that made Simple Church a multi-awarded, #1 ministry best seller are now applied to everyday matters in Simple Life.

Authors Thom S. Rainer and Art Rainer interviewed a cross-section of 1,077 individuals to confirm that most people feel their lives are overly stressful and misguided, not allowing enough time for what really counts. As they share these highly relatable stories, the Rainers chart a simple path from joyless to joyful.

B&H Publishing Group, Hardcover, $19.99


Bill Wallace of China (Updated)
Jesse C. Fletcher

Bill Wallace served as a medical missionary in China for nearly twenty years before dying as a martyr for his faith.

Dr. Wallace was buried in an unmarked grave by the Communist Army to cover their crime. Chinese Christians later would risk their own lives to place a simple marker where he was laid to rest that read, "To live is Christ." Rarely has a grave marker so accurately summarized a life. But then, rarely has a person's life so exemplified the principle expressed in Philippians 1:21, "For me to live is Christ and to die is gain."

Crossbooks Publishing, Paperback, $16.99


The Screwtape Letters
Focus on the Family, C. S. Lewis, Paul McCusker, & Dave Arnold

From the award-winning audio drama team that brought you Radio Theatre's Amazing Grace and The Chronicles of Narnia. In his enduringly popular masterpiece The Screwtape Letters, C. S. Lewis re-imagines hell as a gruesome bureaucracy. With spiritual insight and wry wit, Lewis suggests that demons, laboring in a vast enterprise, have horribly recognizable human attributes: competition, greed, and totalitarian punishment. Avoiding their own painful torture, as well as a desire to dominate, are what drive demons to torment their "patients."

Tyndale Publishers, four CDs, approximately 4 hours, $39.99


More Than a Carpenter
Josh D. McDowell & Sean McDowell

The inspirational classic, More than a Carpenter, is now updated for a new generation of seekers with a fresh look, revised material, and a new chapter that addresses questions commonly raised today. Former skeptic Josh McDowell is now joined by his son Sean as they examine the evidence about Jesus. Since its original publication in 1977, this modern classic has sold over 15 million copies, been translated into dozens of languages, and introduced countless people to the real Jesus.

Tyndale House Publishing, Paperback, $6.99


Making Sense of Bible Difficulties
Clear and Concise Answers from Genesis to Revelation

Norman L. Geisler & Thomas Howe

The Bible is full of difficult passages that are hard for believers to understand, let alone those who doubt Scripture. This comprehensive volume offers clear and concise answers to major Bible difficulties from Genesis to Revelation, staunchly defending the authority and inspiration of Scripture.

Written in a problem/solution format, Making Sense of Bible Difficulties covers dozens of questions — old and new — that critics and doubters raise about the Bible.

Baker Publishing Group, Paperback, $13.99


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