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Dreams Lead to Divine Appointment

Friends, never underestimate what God is doing or where He might be working. He calls us to "be ready, in season and out of season." Mike's team was prayed up, prepared, excited, and looking to find where God might be working.

On a brisk Tuesday evening my FAITH team, consisting of myself, my wife, Denise, and Linda were out making FAITH visits. It was an incredible night that none of us will ever forget. I had become a Christian and a member of First Baptist approximately two-and-one-half years prior to this night. It was our fourth semester in FAITH and my first semester as a team leader. I was nervous but had been encouraged by my previous FAITH team leader that I could do it. So here we were.

We had made two visits and we were a little discouraged because no one had been home. Our preacher always says, "Make just one more visit before you come in." So we decided to go to a large apartment complex (already assigned to us in case no one was at home). We walked past numerous apartments while deciding where to begin our Bible/church-type survey called "Opinion Poll" visiting. For some reason we were drawn to this particular end apartment.

We knocked on the door and a nice-looking young man in his mid-twenties answered the door. We immediately knew that this was going to be a unique visit because it became apparent to us that this young man was blind. The young man's name was Shane, and we asked permission to do the survey. He graciously agreed to participate in the Opinion Poll survey.

In talking to Shane, we found out he had been blinded in a construction accident about four years ago. His blindness was permanent and total. After settling with the insurance company, he had bought a house for him and his two-year-old son. Unbelievably, a few months later, his home burned to the ground, and he lost everything. Now he was battling the insurance company and had become very bitter and angry. During our conversation he asked us if we thought God was punishing him for all the wild things he did as a teenager.

Then an incredible thing happened. Shane became very quiet and his eyes started to tear. We asked him what was wrong. He thought for awhile and then said, "You're not going to believe this — I can hardly believe it myself. About two nights ago I had a dream about some people from a church coming to my apartment and asking me about God!" The three of us were shocked and in awe. We knew then that this was truly a "Divine Appointment" from God!

I proceeded to share the FAITH presentation with Shane, and he prayed that night to receive Jesus in his heart. He was so excited and so were we. He said he now felt that God was with him — not against him. He was happy and full of questions about Jesus and what had just happened to him. We were in tears ourselves.

He started asking about our church and what we believed. We invited him to our next Sunday worship service and Sunday School. We said we would pick him up so we could sit together. He brought his young son, Sebastian, and we introduced him to his preschool class and took Shane with us to Sunday School, where I was the teacher. He soon walked the aisle to join our church and was baptized.

What a blessing to be a part of Jesus working in a life, and then directing us to find that life.

We saw a different man after that evening's visit from the Lord. How awesome it is to be part of a "Divine Appointment!"

So many people are out there just waiting for you to come by and give them some hope. Jesus continues to work and wait for someone to be His hands and His feet. God bless you as you go. All of heaven waits to rejoice over a soul saved for eternity.

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  • Bobby Welch