Bobby Welch

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FIRST-PERSON: Baptisms – the next step

BRENTWOOD, Tenn. (BP) -- The Pastors Task Force on Southern Baptist Convention Evangelistic Impact & Declining Baptisms reported their findings in May. This diverse group of 15 summarized their work into five recommendations:

CALL TO PRAYER: The harvest at home

Nashville (BP) -- Two of the most gripping passages of Scripture open the successive chapters of Romans 9 and 10.

FIRST-PERSON: Riding Iraq’s wild black snake

KURDISTAN, Iraq (BP)--We are riding on the back of this wild black snake, and it is the only way to go.

FIRST-PERSON: Do dead people talk?

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)--What an overwhelming picture this is!       I'm in a tough part of the world on this day, but great things are happening right here, right now! Here, there are over 500 happy children singing, playing, receiving gifts, being fed, and consuming the full force of love that is so kindly embracing them.

FIRST-PERSON: Soldiers of the cross

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (BP)--Have you ever heard of Walter Marm, Gary Littrell, Kenneth Stumpf or Charles Hagemeister? They are four Vietnam War veterans left from an historic group of 850. Out of those 850, 522 were killed (about 60 percent).

Handwriting on the wall

SAN ANTONIO (BP)--As I emphasized last year, the 1 million emphasis on baptisms by churches in the Southern Baptist Convention was to be the target that would challenge everyone to do their very best. Like the bar for high jumpers, the goal of 1 million baptisms was and is to draw the very best effort from us as the "jumpers."

A Word From Our Former President

Dear Southern Baptists! Thank you a million times a million for the unspeakable privilege of serving you the last two years as president of the Southern Baptist Convention. While I earnestly plead for your continual prayers, please, please begin now to pray long and hard for our new president, Dr. Frank Page. Recently I've been asked several questions from across the Convention which, in a fashion, summarizes these days.

FIRST-PERSON: Seriously soldiering

MIDWAY PARK, N.C. (BP)--From the main gate entrance into Camp Lejune Marine base for literally miles in both directions the chain-link fences are draped, plastered and covered with personalized, homemade heart-wrenching signs exclaiming “WELCOME HOME!”

FIRST-PERSON: Adrian Rogers gave us ‘a divine attraction’

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (BP)--In Memphis, Tenn., at the first of this week in the economy of God’s Almighty schedule, two precious souls of the same family crossed paths on the way to each of their new beginnings without getting to see each other.

FIRST-PERSON: Baptists care deeply for the Schindlers

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)--Easter Sunday has passed. So has Terri Schiavo. And the message of Christ’s bodily resurrection continues to bring help and hope, because there is salvation, new life and heaven in Jesus Christ. In these days following Easter, there is also truth echoing from the untimely death of Terri Schiavo -– this truth that offers help and hope.