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Newsstand Propaganda

The relentless push for abortion acceptance is found virtually everywhere in the culture, both in serious and in pop venues. When the February issue of Teen magazine, with 1.8 million subscribers, took up the subject, it was not in an objective fashion. Although they say the decision to abort is the "kind every girl hopes to avoid and some girls could never make," they furnish a report that is biased in the extreme.

Teenage girls are quoted, making points that could not have been more skillfully scripted by Planned Parenthood, the nation's leading purveyor of abortion. A few examples will suffice:

"I was lucky. The doctor informed me that I was still within the 'safe' period for having a low-risk abortion."

"She asked me a lot of questions … to ensure that no one was coercing me into terminating my pregnancy."

"Then we went over charts that explained how this procedure was far less traumatic than childbirth and about as life-threatening as having a penicillin shot."

"I am grateful I live in a time and place where it was possible, albeit costly, to make my own choice."

These quotes make the following points, and none too subtly:

1. There is a safe, low-risk time in which abortions can be performed.

2. Abortion is primarily about choice, and personal freedom from any "coercion."

3. Abortion has infinitesimally tiny risks associated with it.

4. The proper attitude toward abortion is thanksgiving.

All these assertions overlook the death of a little one, and the trauma of a defiled conscience. They don't get within a country mile of the real truth about abortion. They fail to acknowledge that every successful abortion, rather than being "safe," is fatal. They misidentify serious, loving counsel as coercion. They shore up the intentional cover-ups of serious medical damage, and even death, that those who've left the abortion industry say is a part of every abortion business. They deceitfully speak of the $375 price tag as the real cost of abortion — disregarding the physical, mental, emotional, familial, moral, and spiritual toll. And they speak of abortion as an occasion for thanksgiving; when it is, in fact, a reason for shame, or disgust, or dismay, and especially for repentance in the presence of the Holy God; but certainly not thanksgiving.

This is nothing less than propaganda, and deadly propaganda, at that. As each new generation of young women mature, they are subjected to the reselling of infant butchery. It has to be like that. The death mills can't do their work if the propaganda mills don't do theirs.

How many Christian parents will wonder "wherever in the world did our children get ideas that are so completely opposite, so antagonistic to those we tried to teach them?" Perhaps they ought to look in the nightstand, where rests the latest issue from the newsstand.

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  • Bill Merrell