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Offering Directly Supports Missionaries and Ministries

One hundred percent of Annie Armstrong Easter Offering funds directly support North American Mission Board (NAMB) missionaries and their ministries. These funds ensure more than 5,200 missionaries in the United States, Canada, and U.S. territories are equipped with salaries, benefits, and supplies to sustain their ministries and impact as many people as possible with the good news of Jesus Christ.

Receipts to the 2004 Annie Armstrong Easter Offering will benefit the following mission endeavors:

75% ($40,500,000) Missionary Support includes:

• Salaries (the majority of missionaries are jointly funded by state conventions and NAMB)

• Health benefits

• Missionary orientation

• Ongoing missionary training expenses

16% ($8,640,000) Church Planting support includes start-up funds for new churches, such as:

• Rental of facilities

• Materials

• Promotional expenses

9% ($4,860,000) Evangelism support includes projects that undergird missionaries' work, such as:

• Scripture distribution

• Sports evangelism

• Special evangelism events

• Internet evangelism

• Media campaigns

Total: $54,000,000



What Your Gifts Can Do

The items below represent a sample of how funds may be used.


• A dozen pencils, a pair of scissors, clear tape, or other school supply items to assist a child.

• Ten language tracts for use by a literacy missionary.

• A cup of coffee for a student who is interested in talking to a missionary about Christianity.

• Twenty evangelistic tracts to distribute in a neighborhood where a new church is starting.


• Fifty flyers to advertise a special event for a new church start.

• Subway pass used to visit a prospect for a new church.


• Ream of construction paper for use in a Backyard Bible Club or church start.


• A literacy skill book for Adult Reading/Writing in English and a paperback Bible.

JESUS video in a language translation.

• Bible in another language for an international student.


• Sunday morning snacks (orange juice, donuts, paper products) in a new church start.


• Promotional flyers promoting an evangelistic block party in a multi-housing community.


• Refreshments for up to seventy-five children attending a Bible study as part of a new church start.

• Pianist for one worship service in new church start.


• A weeklong camping experience for one inner-city child.


• Building rental for one Sunday worship service in new church start.

• Scholarship for a student to attend a student missions conference.


• Printing for 1,000 postcards to advertise a new church.



NAMB Facts

• NAMB's primary responsibility is to assist Southern Baptist churches in reaching the United States, Canada, and U.S. territories with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Five key priorities of NAMB include impacting major cities, growing ethnic congregations, evangelizing students, mobilizing volunteers for missions, and reaching Canada.

• More than 5,200 missionaries, 2,400 chaplains (serving in the military, institutions such as prisons and hospitals, and in corporate settings), and thousands of mission volunteers (e.g., World Changers, Mission Service Corps missionaries) are seeking to reach the estimated 220 million unbelievers in the United States and Canada.

• The Strategic Focus Cities (SFC) for 2003-2005 are Miami and New York City. Through SFC efforts, which began in 1998, the cities of Chicago, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Boston, Seattle, and Philadelphia have been sites of concentrated and intentional evangelism efforts. Through these efforts more than 34,000 professions of faith have been recorded, more than 28,000 volunteers have participated in evangelistic events, and 240 churches have been planted. Worship attendance has substantially increased in each of the cities as well.

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