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Valuable Pro-Life Preaching Resource

President Clinton's most recent veto of the bill that would outlaw partial-birth abortions has set the stage for a mammoth congressional attempt to override his veto. Some have suggested the vote will probably take place sometime next year.

Southern Baptists around the nation will recognize Sunday, January 18, as Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. Pastors are encouraged each year to use this opportunity to inform their congregations of the national travesty taking place under the guise of "choice," and to urge their congregations to take biblically consistent steps to reverse this scourge. If the vote to override the veto indeed takes place next year, the emphasis will serve as a prime opportunity to motivate Christians to voice their convictions.

Proclaiming the Pro-Life Message can serve as a valuable resource in preparing for Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. Compiled and edited by Larry Lewis, past president of the Home Mission Board, it contains over twenty pro-life sermons from prominent conservative evangelical leaders, many of them Southern Baptist. Sermons by Charles Colson, Jimmy Draper, O.S. Hawkins, Jim Henry, Junior Hill, D. James Kennedy, Richard Land, John MacArthur, Adrian Rogers, and many others provide valuable biblical resources for addressing abortion.

Our best hope for halting the atrocity of abortion is action by our nation's Christians. And the most effective means of motivating Christians is exposing them to God's Word on the matter. Proclaiming The Pro-Life Message can be a helpful tool to that end.

Proclaiming the Pro-Life Message is published by HANNIBAL BOOKS. To secure a copy, contact your local Baptist BookStore.

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