Adam W. Greenway

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FIRST-PERSON: Convictional cooperation and confessional commitments

Is emphasizing our cooperative work tantamount to downplaying our doctrinal commitments as Southern Baptists? Such a question poses an unappealing choice to be sure. These twin objectives are not mutually exclusive, of course, as is well attested by our own history and heritage.

FIRST-PERSON: Valuing our cooperative history

FORT WORTH, Texas (BP) – Too many among us fail to give appropriate attention to our past because they find history irrelevant to the present. This unfortunate preoccupation with only the present day, however, robs us of important knowledge and context that can greatly benefit us when we consider current challenges. This framework is especially […]

FIRST-PERSON: Why cooperate? A New Testament model

FORT WORTH, Texas (BP) – Why cooperate? At first glance, the question itself might seem rather trivial. Cooperation unifies. It accomplishes more than individual effort. It overcomes isolationist tendencies.

FIRST-PERSON: The Bible is God’s Word

FORT WORTH, Texas (BP) – Words matter. Without them, we cannot make claims or delineate truths. Sometimes, the claim we want to make or the truth we want to delineate focuses on just a single word. Indeed, a recent article illustrates the importance of the very word, “word.”

FIRST-PERSON: Inerrancy still matters; so does integrity

FORT WORTH, Texas (BP) – I believe in inerrancy. I also believe in integrity. One would think that if one affirms the former to be true then it would be obvious that the latter would also be true – both in word and in deed. After all, what we believe about a virtuous Christian life, including matters of personal integrity, is a necessary consequence of the conviction that God has spoken on these matters clearly and unambiguously through His inerrant written Word.