Candi Finch

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FIRST-PERSON: Women & God’s design for the church

Men and women, as God's image-bearers to the rest of creation, can trust His design "for how we fit together as the church," Candi Finch writes, listing key facets of His "blueprints" as found in Scripture.

FIRST-PERSON: When God writes your Instagram handle

Candi Finch, whose Instagram handle includes "lover of bacon & used bookstores," ponders how someone's social media identity would read if drawn from God's regard for His children as recorded in Scripture.

David Bowie, Glam Rock & gender rebellion

FORT WORTH, Texas (BP) -- As many in the world mourn the passing of musical icon and innovator David Bowie, the influence of his 1970s androgynous, Glam Rock alter ego, Ziggy Stardust, lives on in contemporary discussions about gender. Bowie, who died from cancer on Jan. 10 in New York City at age 69, was a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, whose career in music, film and theater spanned more than four decades.

FIRST-PERSON: Education & the single woman

Seminary professor Candi Finch offers counsel to other single women who are working on academic degrees.

FIRST-PERSON: Digital footprints & online landmines

Columnist Candi Finch offers ways to guard your actions online so that your digital footprint will be one that leads people to Jesus rather than destroying your witness.

FIRST-PERSON: Avoiding giving into sin

Columnist Candi Finch shares spiritual changes she makes in her life to help prevent her from giving into sin.

FIRST-PERSON: Holiness in a hook-up culture

Columnist Candi Finch says it's possible for young women to live holy lives in a sexually charged culture and that parents must play a primary role.

FIRST-PERSON: What will your obituary say?

Columnist Candi Finch looks at Hebrews 11 and asks, "What would your obituary say if you were to die today?"