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Jim Futral

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FIRST-PERSON: Jesus took naps

Jim Futral notes that Jesus -- "who was fully God robed in flesh" -- experienced times when He needed rest. Likewise, everyone needs times during the day to "rest, reflect and be renewed."

PASTOR APPRECIATION: Bless him, bless yourself

Even though there are no perfect pastors, Jim Futral writes, "the Lord's servants -- often doing their absolute best to serve God's people -- are worthy of honor and appreciation."

FIRST-PERSON: Play the ball where the monkey throws it

When things don't go as planned, Jim Futral writes, God may be redirecting your life toward an unexpected blessing.

A 5th anniversary

JACKSON, Miss. (BP)--Through the years, I have known several ladies named Katrina.

FIRST-PERSON: Cooperative Program, post-Katrina

JACKSON, Miss. (BP)--In August 2005, Mississippi Baptists were experiencing the best year of Cooperative Program gifts that we had known in many years. In fact, prior to Aug. 29 and the arrival of Hurricane Katrina, we were a million dollars ahead of budget -- and then the storm hit.

FIRST-PERSON: CP (Cooperative Program)

JACKSON, Miss. (BP)--CP is a special designation in our Baptist life. It seems as though, in our day and age, we are driven to reduce institutions and organizations to a handful of letters that identify them. For example: countries become USA or UK, and we still refer to the former USSR; colleges become MC, BMC, WCC, USM, MSU or DSU and we usually know what they mean; and then in church life we have FBC, SBC, SS, DT, MBC and CP. Now, if you have been around Baptist life very long, you are able to figure out these designations.