Joshua Crutchfield

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FIRST-PERSON: Heaven on earth

Heaven can be seen on earth, Joshua Crutchfield writes, through "the supernatural awe-inspiring power of God" among His people.

EASTER: The resurrection — a fatal blow to death

Preaching, evangelism and every other aspect of life is affected by what we believe about the resurrection, Joshua Crutchfield writes, noting, "The chief victory of Jesus is not that He died, but that even though He died, He lives."

FIRST-PERSON: If it is good for kids …

Apart from children in the church, Joshua Crutchfield laments, so few Christians memorize Scripture. One possible reason, he writes, is, "We don't esteem the Bible like we say we do."

500 YEARS: ‘Here I stand, I cannot do otherwise’

Martin Luther's battleground "also is our battleground -- the authority of Scripture," Joshua Crutchfield writes, underscoring the Bible "not as a book of suggestions or good advice, but as words spoken from the very mouth of God."

FIRST-PERSON: ‘His glory is our reward’

Christians are not "heavenly real estate brokers," Joshua Crutchfield writes, noting that the focus of the Gospel is far more than an eternal destination; it is God Himself. "Fortunately, we do not have to wait for death to enjoy God," he notes.

FIRST-PERSON: United by truth

Joshua Crutchfield notes that the truth -- Jesus is Lord -- can unite Southern Baptists so that "all people might hear His name and have the opportunity to receive new life .... If we must fight, let it be against the darkness of this world."

FIRST-PERSON: Standing with cooperation

Cooperation among Southern Baptists, as noted by Joshua Crutchfield, is based on the theological beliefs in the SBC's Baptist Faith and Message and, all the more "on the one of whom the document speaks -- Jesus."