Keith Manuel

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FIRST-PERSON: Balanced evangelism in churches

Effective evangelistic churches use both missional and attractional types of evangelism, says columnist Keith Manuel.

Laredo: 727 new Christians, 4 new churches

LAREDO, Texas (BP)–Many times in the darkest and most dangerous places the light of the Gospel shines even brighter. Such is the case in Laredo, Texas, stemming from the “GPS 2020” evangelism and church planting initiative of the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention. The darkness and danger are readily apparent in Laredo. The Mexican drug […]

FIRST-PERSON: A wreck, a DUI & a suicide

ALEXANDRIA, La. (BP)--It started out as an average Friday night in central Louisiana.

FIRST-PERSON: A second to die

ALEXANDRIA, La. (BP)--Gasping for air, the young man stepped back into the diner where we were eating.

FIRST-PERSON: Break 1-9 for the Gospel

ALEXANDRIA, La. (BP)--I recently purchased a CB radio to communicate during motorcycle events without thinking about the primary use of CBs -- by truckers....

FIRST-PERSON: Church fall festival tips

ALEXANDRIA, La. (BP)--Church members are decorating with shades of orange and brown and meeting to finalize plans for fall festivals. It is important to plan for the event but it is just as important to plan for follow-up.

FIRST-PERSON: Evangelism as a discipline

ALEXANDRIA, La. (BP)--It doesn't take a new Christian long to figure out this new life in Christ is a challenging experience.

FIRST-PERSON: Remembering Washington’s Thanksgiving proclamation

ALEXANDRIA, La. (BP)--George Washington understood the need for our fledgling country to set aside a day to give thanks to Almighty God for His providence in creating and protecting this great nation.

Introduce Jesus at your fall festival

ALEXANDRIA, La. (BP)--Joe and Debbie decided at the last minute to attend the fall festival at their neighbor's church. They were hesitant because they didn't know many people there, but the neighborhood kids were talking about how much fun they had the year before. In reality, Joe and Debbie needed a fun and free night out with the kids.

FIRST-PERSON: Prayer in school

ALEXANDRIA, La. (BP)--There is still power in fervent, effectual prayer in the public school.