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Social media speaks Central Asian ‘heart language’

CENTRAL ASIA (BP) -- Noor,* a Muslim-background believer in Central Asia, has been praying with a heart like Simeon's for many years. "You know that story in the Bible when Simeon sees Jesus and says that he can now die in peace?" Noor asked. "I want God to let me see a church in my heart language before I die. That would be my Simeon moment," he said. Noor is now beginning to see the work he has been hoping for among his own people.

American volunteers partner with Kenyan students

WEST POKOT, Kenya (BP) -- Volunteers from Washington state developed a partnership with Kenyan students and saw 28 people baptized when they traveled out of North America for the first time to share the Gospel with an unreached people group in sub-Saharan Africa. "Looking back it was just, it was awesome!" said Kevin Melone, one of the volunteers. "It was physically challenging. It was mentally challenging. Man, it was awesome how God just gave us the strength to do it."

New generation of students discipled in Nairobi

NAIROBI (BP) -- One hundred and twenty baptisms and four church plants in the rural region of West Pokot, Kenya, are being pointed to as evidence of the International Mission Board's effort to raise up young men and women to take the Gospel to the unreached people groups of Africa. Chad Pumpelly leads the student team at the University of Nairobi and is building this mindset into the foundation of the work.

Refugee crisis opening door for Gospel witness

BUDAPEST, Hungary (BP) -- The discovery of an abandoned refrigeration truck full of corpses on an Austrian highway on Aug. 27 and the body of a 3-year-old toddler washed up on the shores of Turkey on Sept. 2 have epitomized the tragic circumstances faced by masses of humanity trying to escape conditions in their home countries and find refuge in Europe. With more than 350,000 refugees crossing into Europe in the first eight months of 2015, this human migration is believed by many to be the greatest in Europe since ...

Westgate mall reopens; healing continues

NAIROBI, Kenya (BP) -- Westgate shopping mall reopened its doors to shoppers July 18, 22 months after the horrific four-day siege that left 67 people dead and 175 wounded. This mall's opening, considered by some a show of resilience and courage, came less than a week before a scheduled visit to Kenya by U.S. president Barack Obama.

Christians pray for peace, unity in S. Africa

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa (BP) -- While anti-immigrant violence was tearing their city apart, 150 believers at a small Baptist church stood together to ask God to bring peace to their country. An elder at the church in Johannesburg, South Africa, called out the ethnic groups by name: white South African, Zulu, Xhosa, Tswana, Mozambican, Zimbabwean and a dozen more. Everyone stood -- black and white, young and old, joining hands across the aisles and singing together, "We are one in the spirit."

Paris tragedy leaves Parisians open to Gospel

PARIS (BP) -- Christian workers in Paris expressed surprise that a number of native Parisians are appearing more receptive to the Gospel following last week's terrorist tragedy.

After Paris tragedy, IMB workers call for prayer

PARIS (BP) -- International Mission Board workers in France pray Wednesday's (Jan. 7) terrorist attack in Paris by Muslim extremists will not result in a greater divide between secularism and people of faith.

Berlin Wall lost its grip 25 yrs. ago

BERLIN, Germany (BP) -- A frenzied crowd danced on the wall separating East Berlin and West Berlin 25 years ago, celebrating a long-sought victory for freedom.

Israel & Gaza believers pray for peace

ISRAEL (BP) -- Several days after the death of three schoolboys in Gaza, Stephen Johnson* still weeps. He isn't the only one.