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Terrorists targeted ‘cradle’ of Pakistani Christianity

WASHINGTON (BP)--The Aug. 9 terrorist attack on a Presbyterian mission hospital in Pakistan was particularly devastating to local believers because it occurred in a place seen as the home of a Christian community pre-dating the Islamic religion that now dominates the region, CNSNews.com reported Aug. 14.

Would-be human cloners press on despite opposition

WASHINGTON (BP)--Maverick scientists involved in the race to be first to clone a human being shrugged off opposition from the South Korean government, saying there was no legal impediment to their work in the country.

Justice Dept. indictment targets missionary’s killers in Philippines

WASHINGTON (BP)--Six weeks after the rescue of the last American hostage held by Muslim terrorists in the southern Philippines, the U.S. Justice Department has filed criminal charges against five leaders of a terrorist organization which law enforcement agencies have linked to Osama bin Laden's Al Qaeda network, CNSNews.com reported July 24.

Malaysian police refuse to enforce Islamic code

WASHINGTON (BP)--Attempts by a radical Malaysian Muslim party to impose controversial Islamic penal system in a state it rules has run into its first major hurdle: Police are refusing to enforce the newly-passed legislation, CNSNews.com reported July 12.

Malaysia state approves Islamic punishment code

WASHINGTON (BP)--Under legislation passed in a Malaysian state July 8, any Muslim who converts to Christianity or any other faith faces death, CNSNews.com reported July 9.

Militants in Malaysia seeking to expand strict Islamic law

WASHINGTON (BP)--A Muslim party that rules two of Malaysia's 13 states hopes to introduce strict Islamic laws with punishments including stoning to death or amputation, despite opposition from the federal government and other critics, CNSNews.com reported June 17.

Pakistan’s blasphemy laws continue to target Christians

WASHINGTON (BP)--A Pakistani Christian accused of blasphemy against Islam has been sentenced to two life sentences, under a law the United States has unsuccessfully urged the nation's leader, Gen. Pervez Musharraf, to repeal.

Indonesian peace accord tenuous; 14 Christians killed in Maluku

WASHINGTON (BP)--Armed militants rampaged through a predominantly Christian village in Indonesia's Maluku province during the early morning hours of April 28, killing 14 people and prompting fears that a peace deal reached in February may be dead, CNSNews.com reported April 29.

Researcher says media distorted 2 recent adult stem cell studies

WASHINGTON (BP)--Recent scientific research presented by some news organizations as having sounded the death knell for adult stem cells has been "distorted" in media reports, according to one of the studies' authors, CNSNews.com reported March 25.

Rebuttal follows Nature article questioning adult stem cells’ value

WASHINGTON (BP)--Experts are questioning two new studies that may be used to cast doubt on the usefulness of adult stem cells in treating disease, CNSNews.com reported March 15. The studies seem to contradict previous findings that adult stem cells offer both an effective and ethical alternative to stem cells taken from human embryos.