Paul Chitwood

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FIRST-PERSON: Thoughts on (soul) winning with Bobby Bowden

“Is winning everything?” I asked. “No. But winning is important. If you don’t win, they fire you,” replied Coach Bowden.

FIRST-PERSON: All-inclusive vision demands we ‘go!’

Paul Chitwood explores the vision laid out in Revelation 7:9 and urges young adults to make the vision their own and get involved in seeing it fulfilled.

COOPERATIVE PROGRAM: A missionary’s gratitude

Paul Chitwood relays a message he received from a missionary reflecting the broad scope of Southern Baptists' work supported by the Cooperative Program.

FIRST-PERSON: Missional impact in your state

International Mission Board President Paul Chitwood highlights the broad scope of work by state Baptist conventions.

‘Hope-givers’ reaching refugees on brink of despair

VENEZUELA (BP) -- With tears streaming down her face, an elderly woman stood before me half way across the Simon Bolivar International Bridge between Colombia and Venezuela. She was one of thousands to cross the bridge on foot that day. Most carried food, medicine, and other essential items. They came to Colombia to secure whatever they could carry in their hands or on their backs before making the long journey back home. Others had no plans to return. Instead, they were already miles deep in the Colombian mountains with hopes of making their way to other South American countries. They had heard there were places where refugees are welcome, jobs are available, and a better life awaits.

COOPERATIVE PROGRAM: 50 floors above Johannesburg

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa (BP) -- Standing on the observation deck of the tallest building in Africa and looking out across the sprawling city below, I was powerfully reminded of the eternal importance of the cooperative mission work of Southern Baptists. Johannesburg, the city that was below me, is among the world's 50 largest cities. It is home to immigrants from 32 of the 50 nations on the World Watch List, indicating where religious persecution is most severe.

FIRST-PERSON: The pastors, they were there

As anxious parents of students at Marshall County High School waited to learn who may have been killed or wounded when a student opened fire on his classmates, pastors were in their midst to convey God's compassion.

FIRST-PERSON: The Cooperative Program: essential, irreplaceable

From international missions to foster care, Southern Baptists' support of the Cooperative Program "makes a difference in the lives of real people with real hurts and real needs," Paul Chitwood, executive director of the Kentucky Baptist Convention, notes.

The Cooperative Program: Relevant, Essential, Irreplaceable

How relevant is the CP funding model in fueling Southern Baptist missions and ministries? I believe it is not only relevant; I believe CP is essential and irreplaceable.