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Hankins’ CP stance draws board’s support

WOODWORTH, La. (BP) -- In a show of solidarity with Louisiana Baptist Convention Executive Director David E. Hankins, the LBC Executive Board Sept. 28 overwhelmingly adopted a resolution supporting the Cooperative Program as the convention's primary funding method and praising Hankins for his unwavering and passionate defense of the 85-year-old channel of missions giving.

‘Community’ revival finds town responsive

DEVILLE, La. (BP)--A spur-of-the-moment decision proved to be the catalyst needed to ignite a revival in a town of 1,000 people, and in the process has helped to heal an 87-year-old church.

Young pastor nurtures cooperative vision

OIL CITY, La. (BP)--Chad Mills has led First Baptist Church in Oil City, La., to double its Cooperative Program giving during the last two years, increase its outreach into the community and become a more mission-minded church.

Med school planned for Louisiana College

PINEVILLE, La. (BP)--Louisiana College has announced plans to open a medical school in 2012. The new program, which is expected to have an initial class of 60 students and grow to 110 incoming students per year, has a proposed $30 million annual operational budget.

Special needs child points to God

DEVILLE, La. (BP)--The 9-year-old boy lovingly grasps his father's face in his hand and pulls gently toward him. The father kisses his son's forehead and whispers, "I love you, Brandon."

Coach acknowledges he’s ‘a little unusual’

NATCHITOCHES, La. (BP)--The day after his basketball team suffered a 100-63 loss, Coach Mike McConathy took his entire squad to church.

Cowboys come to Jesus just as they are

RUBY, La. (BP)--Pete Reed didn't attend church because he didn't feel welcome.       "Too often people are judged by their outward appearances, and not for who they are," said the 45-year-old Reed, a giant of a man with a bad back and knees -- and a hunger for the Lord and a love for making children laugh.

Battle of the Bulge veteran credits God

BENTLEY, La. (BP)--The words came slowly at first and then in a rush as 88-year-old Willis Prather started to recall memories buried long ago.

Bayou community welcomes Baptist help

THERIOT, La. (BP)--Amid the destruction and widespread sense of helplessness along the Gulf Coast of Louisiana brought on by hurricanes, pastor Jerry Moser said there is tremendous opportunity, and he hopes Southern Baptists will take advantage of it.

WWII vets in VA hospital count blessings despite loneliness

PINEVILLE, La. (BP)--A small artificial Christmas tree adorned with ornaments and Hershey's Kisses sits on the stand next to one patient's bed. [QUOTE@left@120=In the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, too often men like Vance Stokes and Carl Hudson, both retired World War II Navy veterans, both Southern Baptists, spend their holidays mostly in solitude.]       There are Christmas cards, candy and cookies, a small framed photograph of family, some plaques, as well as other personal items hanging on the wall. Lying to one side of the nightstand is a well-worn Bible.       It's homey, but it is not what either Vance Stokes or Carl Hudson, both 82, considers home.       It is a small room in the Extended Care Unit of the Pineville (La.) Veterans Administration Hospital, and while the items do provide a little distraction, they cannot hide the machines, tubes and monitors.