Russell Moore

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FIRST PERSON: ‘Seismic implications’ for religious liberty, church in SCOTUS ruling

Southern Baptist ethicist Russell Moore examines implications for religious liberty and the church following the Supreme Court's Title VII ruling Monday (June 15) on gender identity and discrimination.

COOPERATIVE PROGRAM: Grounded in the Gospel

The Cooperative Program, Russell Moore writes, undergirds the Ethnics & Religious Liberty Commission in "equipping our churches and contending for the faith in the midst of a hostile culture."

FIRST-PERSON: Both/and: Campus ministry & a local church

Russell Moore's advice to college-bound high school grads: You need the church, not just a campus ministry. "Your attitude toward the church reveals your attitude toward Jesus," Moore, president of the SBC Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, writes.

MOORE: Let’s stop millennial bashing

Are millennials lazy, selfish and entitled? Russell Moore, president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, shares his observations.

Should we watch murders on social media?

NASHVILLE (BP) -- I watched a video that I'm ashamed to say I viewed. No, it wasn't pornography -- at least not the kind of pornography we typically think of. The video was the live shooting of two television journalists as they were reporting in Virginia. At the time, I saw the post on Twitter, which noted "unexplained shooting noises." When I watched the clip, I assumed there was gunshots around them and that the journalist and her interviewee had ducked for cover. It wasn't until later that I learned that what I had seen was a cold-blooded murder streaming across my Twitter feed.

FIRST-PERSON: Your children & same-sex marriage

NASHVILLE (BP) -- Some Christian parents wonder how to explain to their small children the Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage. How does one teach about the law and the controversy without exposing one's children to more than they can handle? First of all, make no mistake: You should talk to your children about this.

FIRST-PERSON: What should the church say to Bruce Jenner?

NASHVILLE (BP) -- In the 1970s Bruce Jenner seemed to have it all -- fame, wealth, admiration. He was an Olympic star, so popular in American culture that he was reputedly considered for the roles of both Superman and James Bond.

CALL TO PRAYER: Marriage & the Supreme Court

Russell Moore urges prayer for the Supreme Court's deliberations on marriage. "It is a watershed moment in our nation's history," he writes.

FIRST-PERSON: School shootings & spiritual warfare

Columnist Russell Moore explains how the recent tragedy in Connecticut is part of Satan's overall effort to undermine God's Kingdom.

In Search of an Evangelical Identity

Only God knows what is going to happen at the next Evangelical Theological Society debate on what it means to call oneself an "evangelical." Or does He? The Evangelical Theological Society, meeting in Nashville, Tenn., Nov. 15-17, heard papers and plenary sessions on this year's theme, "Israel: Past, Present, and Future." Heated panel discussions and […]