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Persian refugee pastors grow in faithful teaching and partnership

How can a persecuted believer trust again after being betrayed by those closest to him? How can a person rightly understand suffering when his culture is awash in prosperity gospel teaching? How can a pastor carry the weight of leading when he doesn't know how to study Scripture?

Thanksgiving, the best Jell-O ever and the promise of home

CENTRAL ASIA (BP) -- Our first Thanksgiving in Central Asia was like a treasure hunt. One teammate stood in a long line to buy bread; another bought and baked an underfed chicken. Potatoes -- the one food we had in abundance -- were mashed and salted. But the real prize? A bowl of green Jell-O. Someone traveled 6,000 miles with a box of Jell-O in his suitcase and decided to share it with the rest of us. It was the best Jell-O ever. But even more than the food, I remember the laughter. We were in a dark place and we felt significant spiritual oppression, but the shared suffering created a unique camaraderie. We laughed together at our language mistakes and cultural missteps. We thanked God that we'd made it just one more day.

‘Protestant Forum’ in Kazakhstan yields religious freedom progress

ALMATY, Kazakhstan (BP)--Christian workers in Almaty, Kazakhstan, say a Protestant Forum there March 27-28 may help stave off proposed restrictive laws governing religious freedom.

Kazakhstan lawmakers weighing religious freedom restrictions

ALTAMY, Kazakhstan (BP)--Ten years ago, when Southern Baptist representatives began reaching out to the traditionally Muslim people of Kazakhstan, no one knew how long the hearts of the people or the doors of the country would remain open to their witness. Less than 10 Kazakhs claimed faith in Jesus, yet workers found hundreds and thousands ready to listen and learn.

Central Asian officials to hear Protestant concerns March 27-28

ALMATY, Kazakhstan (BP)--Central Asian Protestants will have an unprecedented opportunity to present their beliefs to government officials during a Protestant forum March 27-28 in Almaty, Kazakhstan.