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Glorieta offers unique family vacation

GLORIETA, N.M. (BP)–At the “Go!” signal, families scramble toward the 700 Easter eggs spread out on a lawn, yelling out the numbers contained in each egg. Each family must find numbers one to 20 before moving on to the next station. Laughter, teamwork and bit of competition unfold as the families vie for the title […]

Churches become post-Ike relief hubs

HOUMA, La. (BP)—-“When [John Boy’s] house was knocked off its stilts, he lost everything,” said pastor Marcel McGee at Grand Caillou Baptist Church in Houma, La. Even so, McGee noted that the Grand Cailou attendee was among 20 volunteers at the church’s drive-through distribution of hot meals and cleaning supplies to Hurricane Ike victims. John […]

Baptist volunteers busy in Baton Rouge

ALEXANDRIA, La. (BP)–At the drive-through for a hot meal from a Southern Baptist feeding station, a woman said to a volunteer, “The Southern Baptists are always here when we need them….” Many of the volunteers with the Louisiana feeding unit in Baton Rouge -– operating from a vacant field next to the Salvation Army headquarters […]

Razor wire, iron bars & freedom in Jesus Christ

ANGOLA, La. (BP)--The gates shut as the volunteers walk past the rows of razor wire and an unsettling feeling of the macabre life envelops the group. Before they enter a tier of jail cells, the group pauses to pray for the grim-faced mugshots posted on the wall.       "I'm not an animal just because I'm locked up," an inmate later tells a volunteer. He'll spend the rest of his life behind bars until his execution day at the Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola.       "Seeing these young men on death row locked up ... it's heartbreaking," said John Elliott, pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Natchitoches, La. Even so, he said, "I'm glad I got be a part of this ... and share [the Gospel]."       More than 155 Louisiana Baptist volunteers prepared food, led revival services and participated in one-on-one evangelism in cells and dorms of prisoners during the annual Angola Revival.       The May 15-16 outreach began with a service in the prison's rodeo arena. The Real Encounter team, an extreme sports ministry based in Missouri, showcased their skills before giving a Gospel message and extending an invitation to turn to Christ.       A reported 105 decisions, including 66 professions of faith, were recorded during the revival, with the number of decisions expected to increase as volunteers report on their experiences during the outreach.       Some 5,200 inmates reside in Angola. For the 3,900 who live in dorms, volunteers ate lunch and visited with them in their dorms and on the yard.

New Orleans woman becomes a beacon of the hope that others shared with her

NEW ORLEANS (BP)–Experiencing tremendous loss is a common theme to many New Orleans residents, but for Doris Cousin the string of tragedy started long before a hurricane ravaged the city. Within a year she lost family members, then her home and hope. The bleak situation surrounding her intensified her downward emotional spiral into depression. A […]

N.O. outreach: Hardest thing is first ‘knock’

NEW ORLEANS (BP)–The rain finally subsided enough so that Ken and Glennes Brassfield could walk around the neighborhood where an Operation NOAH Rebuild volunteer team is hard at work painting the inside of a school. After asking God for guidance and for receptive hearts, the Brassfields head down the street hoping to meet residents and […]

Hispanic church planted from outreach

COLLEYVILLE, Texas (BP)--A reported 340 salvation decisions were made during the annual Mission Colleyville Christmas outreach, and the number continues to climb as follow-up strategies are carried out by First Baptist Church in Colleyville, a suburb halfway between Dallas and Fort Worth.

Canadians ‘reciprocate’ in New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS (BP)–“I wanted to return some favors,” the Canadian said. Larry Spencer, who was the founding pastor of Discovery Baptist Church in Regina, Saskatchewan, remembers how volunteers helped build the church’s facility in 1978 and subsequently assisted with various ministries in the community. “We never would have been able to build the church,” Spencer […]

Where voodoo & Christianity collide

NEW ORLEANS (BP)--The subtle or blatant presence of idolatry and debauchery abounds in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Yet, a beacon of hope is nestled snugly just off Bourbon Street -- Vieux Carre Baptist Church.       "The difference between the French Quarter and [other] suburban areas is the concentration of darkness," Greg Hand, the church's pastor, noted. His wife Wren added, "There is a very real spiritual oppression that is present here."