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Glorieta offers unique family vacation

GLORIETA, N.M. (BP)–At the “Go!” signal, families scramble toward the 700 Easter eggs spread out on a lawn, yelling out the numbers contained in each egg. Each family must find numbers one to 20 before moving on to the next station.

Laughter, teamwork and bit of competition unfold as the families vie for the title in Glorieta Family Camp’s “Amazing Race.”

The Horne family crosses the finish line first and collects the prize, but for them the experience was more than winning a game — it was an opportunity to work together and communicate. “This was one of the best things for our family,” Brad Horne said.

This summer marked the beginning of a new family tradition at LifeWay Christian Resources’ Glorieta Conference Center located outside Santa Fe, N.M. Family Camp is a new and different kind of family vacation designed to help grow and nurture family bonds through Bible study and various camp activities.

“I want Family Camp to be seen and known as a valuable family experience where they are away from distractions and in an environment that gives them opportunities to love on one another and create memories that will last,” said Hal Hill, director of Glorieta. “I think that every family needs an experience like this … multiple times.”

Family Camp caters to the individual family, with every activity and program designed for families of any size and with children of any age. Childcare is available for children under 5.

“Family Camp is a chance for families to walk together and grow closer to God and each other,” said Becky Suggs, Glorieta Camps manager. “We’ll provide the activities, and you participate as you want to,” she continued, noting that each activity is a chance to learn new skills and create lifelong memories.

Added Hill, “We hope to bring families together to learn about God, worship, and grow together, which is the most important thing.”

The days were filled with activities and fun, but each morning featured an emphasis on spiritual elements through a celebration and worship time. The theme, “Under Construction,” focused on the fruits of the spirit.

“The spiritual component, it’s a great part of the week … to be challenged to be grounded spiritually,” said Dave Hunt, worship leader for the camp.

After the morning celebration, parents and children went their separate ways for a Bible study time designed around topics unique to the parents’ experiences and the children’s experiences in the family.

For the adults, the time served as an opportunity to come together, share, pray and encourage each other in their roles as parents. They discussed everything from the comical struggle of young boys who do not want to use soap in the bath, to more serious concerns about disobedient teenagers.

“We want to set a different example for our children,” one family shared as others nodded, understanding the importance of having a Christ-centered home.

While adults delved deeply into discussion, camp staff taught children, divided by age, about the fruits of the spirit.

Families who attended this inaugural year of Family Camp agreed that the vacation had been a memorable experience.

The Nehrt family, from Michigan, came across the country to attend Family Camp and said it was worth the trip. “We take family vacations every year, and our family unanimously agrees that this has been our best family vacation.”

Family Camp 2011, themed “Deeply Rooted,” is scheduled for July 4-9 and July 11-16. For more information, visit GlorietaCamps.com or call 1-866-794-2267.

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