Tim McKeown

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FIRST-PERSON: A Crossover answer to a ‘Macedonian prayer’

NEW ORLEANS (BP) -- When the New Orleans evacuees were stationed in the Superdome in 2005, I watched the news coverage as a woman cried out, "Why won't someone come and help us?" I felt like she was talking directly to me, reminding me of Paul's Macedonian call in Acts 16:9.

Texas science debate ends in split decision

AUSTIN, Texas (BP)–The Texas State Board of Education voted to remove language that required students to examine the strengths and weaknesses of scientific theories including evolution, but the board also added amendments calling for students to evaluate key components of the theory. Darwinists had assailed the 20-year-old “strengths and weaknesses” clause as a back door […]

Churches gear up for meals & ministry at the Astrodome

HOUSTON (BP)--Hundreds of representatives from churches, synagogues and mosques gathered at Second Baptist Church in Houston Sept. 1 to prepare for the mass arrival refugees from Hurricane Katrina.

Texas pastor paved way for Baptists in sanctity of life battles

DALLAS (BP)--When Baptists think of pro-life movements, they may recall Southern Baptists for Life, an organization which began in 1983 by Southern Baptists such as Rudy Yakym, Kirk Shrewsbury and Larry Lewis.

Church responds to troop deployment, puts ministry to military families into high gear

     KILLEEN, Texas (BP)--The clattering sounds of railcars rumbling down the tracks from Fort Hood are constant reminders that the nation is thundering closer to war.

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Care for the troops
At Fort Hood in January, President Bush greets troops readying to deploy. Memorial Baptist is among the churches in Killeen, Texas, seeking to help soldiers' families. Photo courtesy of Fort Hood
     But for families, friends and fellow church members of soldiers being deployed to Iraq, they don't need the 24-hour-a-day reminders.
     "About 75 percent of our church is directly related to the military," said Joe Rich, pastor of Memorial Baptist Church in Killeen, Texas. "We have about 1,650 in attendance in Bible study and already more than 50 soldiers who have left. We're expecting to have 100-plus deployed. Just how many, we don't know."
     For every soldier shipped out from nearby Fort Hood, usually at least one family member is left behind to maintain the home front.
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Side by side
Patriotism and faith are evident at Fort Hood - both in the Texas military base's outdoor museum adjacent to its chapel and in the ministry to soldiers' families provided by Memorial Baptist and other churches in Killeen. Photo courtesy of Fort Hood
     Ministering to them has been Memorial Baptist's labor of love.
     While some remaining spouses choose to go home to their families, Rich said several wives believe they can do their part in the effort by staying in Killeen and supporting each other, in part because of the church's ministry.
     Sara Allison is one of those wives, as her husband, 1st Lt. Brian Allison of the Signal Corps in the U.S. Army, is scheduled to be deployed in two weeks. "Right now, I'm okay, but I've been told the reality of it all sets in about two weeks after he leaves.