William F. Harrell

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FIRST-PERSON: The Da Vinci Code is fiction

EVANS, Ga. (BP)--"The Da Vinci Code" is fiction. It was meant to be fiction, but the world has picked up on it and is ascribing truth to it.

FIRST-PERSON: The death of death

AUGUSTA, Ga. (BP)--I have been reading an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education about the possibility that people could live a thousand years or even longer if the findings and research of Aubrey de Grey prove true. De Grey is an English biogerontologist who is making some profound observations concerning our ability to live longer.

FIRST-PERSON: God help us as a nation

MARTINEZ, Ga. (BP)--In Webster’s Dictionary, the word “declension” is described as a falling off towards a worse state; a downward tendency; deterioration; decay.