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FIRST-PERSON: The Da Vinci Code is fiction

EVANS, Ga. (BP)–“The Da Vinci Code” is fiction. It was meant to be fiction, but the world has picked up on it and is ascribing truth to it.

The great problem is that our spiritual enemy, Satan, has no problem clouding the minds of people to the point that they will accept this work of fiction as truth and at the same time reject the Word of God. We are in a spiritual battle which is manifesting itself in the debate over “The Da Vince Code.” And now we have a movie directed by Ron Howard (why, Opie wouldn’t tell us anything wrong!) and starring Tom Hanks.

The general public is so ignorant of spiritual things and also of the true facts about “The Da Vinci Code” that they will swallow the book and the movie and not even get spiritual heartburn. This sort of thing does untold damage to millions of souls who are led astray by it and who will be negatively influenced toward Jesus Christ and Christianity in general.

Now, I am not worried about the survival of Christianity or about the integrity of the Bible being compromised. I certainly am not worried about any damage this book and movie might do to the image of Jesus Christ. Christianity has withstood many, many such blows across the centuries and it is stronger today than ever. But the question must be asked: Why should Christians and Christianity have to endure such a continuous onslaught? Dan Brown will come and go. The movie directed by Ron Howard will come and go. But the Bible, Jesus and Christianity will continue to exist and get stronger.

As a Christian, I simply am weary of a continual stream of attacks against our Lord Jesus Christ and God’s Word. And, it is obvious that those who would believe “The Da Vinci Code,” in book or movie form, have no respect for what the Bible says. They had rather believe Dan Brown and Ron Howard than God’s Word. There simply is no way to combat such ignorance. Jesus Christ who gave Himself for our sins should not be made a part of such irresponsible dribble as the “The Da Vinci Code.”

I think this should be done: Christians should let their displeasure concerning the Da Vinci Code be known. Don’t buy the book and don’t go see the movie. The movie will be a blockbuster because the world will be attracted to and adopt the false information and fiction contained in it as actual fact. Everyone likes a conspiracy, and Dan Brown has dreamed up a very involved and contradictory one.

Let me pose only one question: If, “The Last Supper” painting by Leonardo Da Vinci, the person at the right hand of Jesus is not the Apostle John but Mary Magdalene, then where is John? He was the most beloved disciple. Is he then left out of the picture? There is so much more that needs to be refuted that it cannot be contained in one column, but suffice it to say that one should not be tempted to believe this fictional book, and they should not enrich those who would so treat Jesus by spending their money on “The Da Vinci Code.”

As Christians, we should be eternally grateful to God that He gave us the Bible and that we can have peace with Him if we only believe His Word. The world does not have that peace, and therefore books and movies such as “The Da Vinci Code” appeal to them. Thank the Lord for the fact that our questions are answered in the eternal Word of God. We will be in a right relationship with God as long as we trust His Word and follow His instructions. We would do well to remember this: The way the world views Jesus Christ is not primarily dependent upon Hollywood and what it says or does. The world will formulate its feelings about Jesus by looking at His People and the way in which we follow Him.
Harrell is pastor of Abilene Baptist Church in Evans, Ga., and vice-chairman of the SBC Executive Committee.

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