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Helping children thank their moms

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In honor of mothers, or other women who serve as guardians, plan a special time to say “Thank You” the second Sunday in May. Help children in your church Sunday school class make preparation for this important event. 

The following ideas can be used for children: 

• Schedule on your church calendar a special class session for Mother’s Day. 

• If possible, make plans several weeks in advance. Set aside time each Sunday or meeting time for children to prepare invitations and art work. 

• Send invitations home two weeks ahead of the date. Mail invitations to absentees. 

• Give an older child the responsibility of researching a brief history of Mother’s Day. Or, use the following: “Mother’s Day in the United States, is a day set aside to honor motherhood and buy a gift or perform an act of kindness, to express love for your mother. Anna Jarvis of Philadelphia is recognized as the founder of this day, by an act of Congress (1914) and the day is observed the second Sunday in May” (Basic Everyday Encyclopedia). 

• Read several short poems written in honor of mothers. 

• Copy the following Bible verse on a large sheet of paper or posterboard. Display in your classroom. “Honor your father and your mother so that you may have a long life in the land that the Lord your God is giving you.” Exodus 20:12 (CSB).

• Young children can draw a picture of their mother for display in the room. 

• Make a collage and display magazine pictures of families having fun together. 

• Perhaps children have photos of their family going on a vacation or other fun events they can post on a bulletin board. 

• Encourage children to write a couple of sentences of “Why I love my Mother.” Record the messages for younger children, or transcribe on paper. Read the messages during the special program. 

• Guide children to design a placemat by using an original drawing. Provide bright colored heavy-weight paper. Supply a variety of felt-tip markers. 

• Help children make Mother’s Day favors to take home. Purchase small plastic flowers. Fold a 5-inch paper dolly in thirds, forming a cone. Insert the flowers. Paste edges together. Paste a 5-inch piece of colored ribbon on the front. 

Refreshments: Children will enjoy preparing simple foods for this special time together. Make cupcakes (in paper or foil liners) in advance and let children decorate a happy face on the cupcake. Use prepared frosting in tubes for easy decoration. 

Help children squeeze lemons for lemonade. Serve in colorful paper plates and cups. 

Program: Welcome mothers and others who care for children to the room. Each child sits with his/her mother at this time. If a mother cannot be present, have another woman from your church sit with the child. 

The program can include a song (“Faith of Our Mothers”), welcome, a history of Mother’s Day, poems and Bible verses, children can read statement of “Why I Love My Mother.” 

A prayer for mothers and refreshments where the children serve their Moms.

This article originally appeared in The Baptist & Reflector.

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