2001 Navy's Chaplain Corps

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Request filed to void Naval chaplain’s appointment

WASHINGTON, D.C. (BP)--The attorney for most of the evangelical chaplains alleging discrimination by the U.S. Navy has asked a federal court to cancel a Reserve chaplain's appointment to active duty at Jacksonville, Fla.'s Naval Air Station.

Ruling may combine 700-plus chaplains in class action over Navy discrimination

WASHINGTON (BP)--A federal judge presiding over two lawsuits that charge the U.S. Navy with discrimination against evangelical chaplains has granted a motion that could enlarge a class-action suit to more than 700 people.

Judge dismisses chaplain’s lawsuit, says discrimination nearly impossible

SAN DIEGO (BP)--One of the first lawsuits alleging discrimination against evangelical chaplains by the U.S. Navy has been dismissed by a federal court judge, although his attorney intends to appeal the decision.

Class-action lawsuit against Navy expands to 42 plaintiffs

WASHINGTON (BP)--A class-action lawsuit charging the U.S. Navy with discriminating against evangelical chaplains has expanded to 42 plaintiffs. Two Southern Baptists are part of the newest group to file claims.

Chaplains’ discrimination suit expanding to 39 Protestants

WASHINGTON (BP)--A motion to add 12 evangelical chaplains to a class-action lawsuit charging the U.S. Navy with discrimination has been filed in U.S. District Court. The new plaintiffs include a chaplain whose superior told him, "You're the wrong sex, the wrong color and the wrong religion."

Chaplain promotions process continues after federal judge refuses injunction

WASHINGTON (BP)--Navy promotion board hearings for the 2003 fiscal year were poised to begin today, Feb. 4, after an attempt by 25 current and former chaplains to postpone them failed.

Injunction sought to halt Navy chaplain promotions

WASHINGTON (BP)--Twenty-five chaplains alleging discrimination against evangelicals by the U.S. Navy are seeking to delay the latest cycle of promotion board hearings. Those hearings are scheduled to begin Feb. 4.

Valid constitutional issues raised in chaplains’ lawsuit, judge rules

WASHINGTON (BP)--A federal court judge has ruled that a two-year-old class-action lawsuit alleging discrimination by the U.S. Navy against evangelical chaplains can proceed. The case includes five current or former Southern Baptist chaplains.

Chaplains’ discrimination concern joined by Associated Gospel Churches

TAYLORS, S.C. (BP)--An association of independent churches with approximately 1.4 million members has followed in the footsteps of the Southern Baptist Convention with a resolution calling on the Navy to eliminate discrimination against evangelical chaplains.

Judge acknowledges factual basis of Navy chaplains’ discrimination claims

WASHINGTON (BP)--In a lengthy ruling handed down Jan. 10, the federal court judge hearing two religious-discrimination lawsuits against the United States Navy said the evangelical plaintiffs cited well-grounded, factual allegations of unfair treatment.