2002 TruthQuest: California

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Third Day, BeBo Norman among artists launching TruthQuest

FORT WORTH, Texas (BP)--Viewers watching the new Christian reality series "TruthQuest: California" will have an opportunity to hear some of the most popular groups in Christian music, including Jars of Clay, Third Day and Bebo Norman.

‘TruthQuest’ turns tables on lurid reality TV fare

NEW YORK (BP)--A group of teenage missionaries will be featured in a new "reality" television show that turns the tables on the genre. "TruthQuest: California," which will be shown beginning Oct. 3 on FamilyNet Television, a cable Christian television station reaching 34 million homes, thinks its good clean Christian fun can succeed. Others doubt it.

TruthQuest: California set for national premier

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Radio Interview
Bill Griffith, host of a radio show in Cleveland, Tenn. interviewed the TruthQuesters from First Baptist Church, Cleveland. Pictured from left to right, are David Hicks, Griffith, Cara Yates, and Andy Botts. Photo by Justin Veneman
      FORT WORTH, Texas (BP)--"TruthQuest: California," the nation's first Christian reality television series, will debut on FamilyNet Television Oct. 3. The show features 12 Southern Baptist teenagers as they travel across California and apply their faith in Jesus Christ in the real world.
      TruthQuest: California will air weekly on FamilyNet Television on Thursday nights at 7 p.m. Eastern time; Fridays, 12 a.m. & 11 p.m. Eastern; Saturdays, 11:30 a.m. Eastern; and Sundays, 12:30 a.m. Eastern.

FIRST PERSON: Quiet time gives added reflection to TQ journey

      JENESS PARK, Calif. (BP)--July 16 was a great day in comparison to the last few. No cameras, no lights and no hype.       It was just a day where we could all sit back and have an official quiet time. It has been hard to fit such moments into our busy TruthQuest schedule, because when we do have precious free time, it has been so tempting to sleep.       It was so nice because I had a full hour that I was completely alone in a bunk on the bus. I opened up my Bible and just soaked in what God was trying to reveal to me through his Word and his Spirit.

FIRST-PERSON: TruthQuester conquers fear, learns about trust on rock

      YOSEMITE, Calif. (BP)--Wow! Wow! Wow! That's all I can say about July 15.       I can't believe that I went rock climbing in Yosemite -- especially since I can't stand heights. When the TruthQuest team rappelled off a 30-foot high rock, it took me forever to get down.       After I finally returned to the ground, I thought our adventure was over. However, North American Mission Board missionary Steve Hughes told us that we should conquer a bigger rock to have a better feeling.

TruthQuest member sees God in beauty around her

YOSEMITE, Calif. (BP)--With a flashlight in hand, TruthQuest member Katie Rice Royals, 17, swings her backpack over her shoulder, grabs her sleeping bag and heads toward the camping site at Yosemite National Park. The sun is setting behind the Sequoia-adorned mountains and this seasoned outdoorswoman from Jackson, Miss., said she is closer to God because of the scenery around her.       "There is something about not having any manmade things accessible like TV or radio. I feel like I am closer to God by being surrounded by his creation," said the Mississippi College freshman. "There is nothing here to distract me.       "Being surrounded by nature such as Yosemite takes my breath away. I often wonder how anyone can look at a place such as Yosemite and say there is not a God."

College students make a difference at Yosemite

YOSEMITE, Calif. (BP)--Yosemite National Park lays claim to some of the best climbing, backpacking and hiking in the world. Many people travel great distances to take advantage of life in the great outdoors, and some even sense spiritual connections to the beauty of the park -- including Southern Baptist summer missionaries.

FIRST-PERSON: 2 pastors prove recreation can lead people to Christ

YOSEMITE, Calif. (BP)--For some time now I have had a hard time believing that giving one's life completely to God will result in total happiness here on earth. However, God continues to show me that one can actually serve him and be completely happy at the same time.

Father’s death deepens TruthQuester’s faith

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Gathering her thoughts
Sarah Brown of Youngstown, Ohio, works on her journal aboard the TruthQuest: California bus as fellow participant Katie Royals adds a lighthearted nudge. Photo by Morris Abernathy
      JENESS PARK, Calif. (BP)--When Sarah Brown was 8 years old, she gave her life to Christ. When she was 13, she started living for Christ. But it wouldn't be until she was 16 that she would learn the true meaning of trusting in God.       "When I was 8, my church had a revival, and I decided to give my life to Christ. Basically I had fire insurance, and that was about it," said Brown, of Rising Star Baptist Church in Youngstown, Ohio. "Then when I was 13, our church youth group went to a youth retreat. The whole retreat was organized by youth. The praise team really impacted me. They are my age and they are all living for Christ. So that's when I started to live for Christ."

FIRST PERSON: Beach encounter leads to salvation of stranger

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Finding faith
Katie Royals of Jackson, Miss., and Cara Yates of Cleveland, Tenn., pray with a young man named Larry as he makes a profession of faith during a TruthQuest beach outreach effort July 12 in San Diego. Photo by Morris Abernathy
      PACIFIC BEACH, Calif. (BP)--Before ever arriving in California for TruthQuest, I prayed a whole lot. There is one phrase in particular that I decided to claim -- get usable and allow God to wear you out!       I have wanted for so long to be bold in a way that I find hard to describe. I felt that one of my biggest challenges would be the fear of being unsure of my words: getting into a situation in which I couldn't explain my way out or just not having the answer to a question I was asked. So, it was with all this anticipation and not nearly enough faith that I brought myself out to Pacific Beach.