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A good writer also edits, workshop leader says

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–Every good writer must also be an editor, said the leader of a session on creative writing held during the LifeWay Writers Workshop, Aug. 2-5, at LifeWay Christian Resources in Nashville, Tenn.
Matt Tullos, multimedia designer in the children’s Sunday school ministry department at LifeWay, said, “There are two people inside every writer. One of these is the artist (the right brain) and the other is the editor (the left brain).” Good writers are able to use both.
Most writers, Tullos said, are more inclined toward the right brain than the left. While this enhances creativity, the left brain must sometimes step in and edit what the right brain produces.
Tullos, whose primary area of writing is drama, advised writers to keep a daily journal that chronicles thoughts and feelings. The journal then can become a primary source of ideas for articles and stories.
The four-day writers’ workshop included general sessions on four goals of Christian writing — spiritual transformation, inviting people to faith, changing worldviews and encouraging Christian service.
These four areas are a part of LifeWay strategic plans for the 21st century, said Mike Fink, workshop coordinator and curriculum specialist with the Southern Baptist agency’s church resources division.
Speaking on changing worldviews, Rick Edwards, director of LifeWay’s adult Sunday school ministry department, said good writing must be relevant, readable and right.
All people ask three basic questions about the world, Edwards said. All people want to know where they came from, where they fit in and where they are going. To influence a person’s worldview, he said, writers must address at least one of these questions.
“Everybody’s worldview is changing,” Edwards said. “As a Christian writer, you have the opportunity to influence the direction of the change and the rate of the change,” directing people to a biblical worldview.
Selective conferences focused on specialized writing for discipleship materials, Sunday school materials and family magazines.
Conferences and discussions were led by experienced writers and LifeWay editors. Attendees could also have a sample of their writing evaluated by Fink and others.

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