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‘All I ever needed to know I learned from my mother’

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–The first person to explain a pro-set offense to Ashley Michael was not her father nor brother nor one of her Monday night football buddies.

“It was someone a bit tougher, a little stronger, someone with a far superior sports mind,” Michael, BPSports lead writer notes in her column this week. “If you want to debate Michael Jordan’s comeback, discuss the University of Alabama’s NCAA investigation or reminisce of Major League Baseball dynasties past, take a road trip to Clanton, Ala., and ask for my mother.”

Mary Ann Michael will be the one seated on the porch swing with a cat on her lap and a smile on her face. “And if she’s not sitting, she’ll be standing, probably at the kitchen counter pouring you the sweetest glass of Southern iced tea you’ve ever had,” Ashley writes. “Take a sip, relax, but don’t forget why you came. Remember: this woman can explain a pro-set offense with the same accuracy and articulation with which she imparts her famous hash brown casserole recipe. Four cups of cheese shredded to a fine consistency. Two running backs split into a “T” formation. Two pounds of cut potatoes. Two receivers. One teaspoon of garlic powder. One tight end.

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