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BGR releases spring catalog

NASHVILLE (BP) — Southern Baptists will find Vacation Bible School ideas and more in the 2017 Baptist Global Response Spring Gift Catalog.

BGR is a Southern Baptist humanitarian relief agency that focuses on disaster relief and community development in some of the world’s poorest areas. Its spring and Christmas gift catalogs offer donors new avenues for connecting with people in need. Supporters can purchase items like cows, water filters and wells and donate them in honor of friends and family. Many people buy catalog items for special occasions such as holiday and birthday presents.

The 2017 Spring Gift Catalog also suggests kid-friendly items that children attending Vacation Bible Schools can purchase as offerings. These include small gifts such as 10 fish for $3, 10 chickens for $25, two rabbits for $25 and more.

“While a Vacation Bible School class might not be able to travel to another country and see missions firsthand, students can participate through the BGR catalog and make a difference in the lives of other children,” BGR CEO Jeff Palmer said. “By praying and giving to these projects, they can participate in a global effort to help people in need.”

BGR will mail its catalogs mid-March, and the publications should reach homes soon after. Those interested may request copies by calling the BGR office at 866-974-5623. They may also order or download catalogs at https://gobgr.org/gift-catalog/.

While BGR is not an entity of the Southern Baptist Convention, it does heartily promote and endorse the SBC’s Cooperative Program, Southern Baptist’s giving channel for missions and ministry. BGR’s partnership with Southern Baptists in meeting global human needs is fundamentally undergirded by those who give through their local churches to the Cooperative Program and to the Southern Baptist Global Hunger Relief fund.

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