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BP reviewer announces top 10 Christian Albums of the Year

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–2001 was a great year for the Christian music industry. Sales of Christian albums skyrocketed and the fan base continues to grow. The year was also marked by an impressive collection of new releases from veteran musicians and a few newcomers.

Following is our list of the top 10 Christian albums that were released in 2001:

10. Relient K — The Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek, Gotee

With their sophomore release of The Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek, Relient K has taken a large step in the maturing process. Their fun and amusing punk-based style is still there, but they have added a couple of modern worship songs to make this album come together.

9. The Elms — Big Surprise, Sparrow

Big Surprise is a remarkable first album for the rookie band, combining catchy British-rock melodies and thoughtful lyrics. The Elms clearly outdid what was expected of them on this one.

8. Nicole C. Mullen — Talk about it, Word

Surpassing Nicole C. Mullen’s debut project, Talk About It is filled with R&B, urban dance rhythms, hip-hop and vibe. It attracts a wide audience range, and the melting pot of sounds makes for an enjoyable listen.

7. Bebo Norman — Big Blue Sky, Watershed/Essential

Bebo Norman’s Big Blue Sky demonstrates maturity with his pen and with his voice. His lyrics show his perspective on life, and his acoustic pop provides a smooth and steady listen.

6. Caedmon’s Call — In the Company of Angels, Essential

In the Company of Angels is definitely one of this year’s best worship albums, combining old hymns and contemporary music to create a wonderful blend, all while declaring God’s greatness.

5. Sara Groves — Conversations, INO

Conversations truly demonstrates Sara Groves’ gift with writing. Each track has straightforward and easily understood lyrics, yet they have depth, insight, and sensitivity.

4. Shaun Groves — Invitation to Eavesdrop, Rocketown

Shaun Groves’ thought-provoking and real lyrics combined with his flawless voice and guitar-driven pop/rock sound has scored him a large success with his premiere album Invitation to Eavesdrop.

3. Third Day — Come Together, Essential

Third Day keeps getting better with each release, and Come Together proves it. The band tries out some different styles on this collection, but their signature southern rock sound can still be found.

2. downhere — downhere, Word

downhere’s musical and spiritual quality displayed in their debut self-titled project is astonishing, especially coming from such a young group. downhere is almost guaranteed to be a start of a fruitful career.

1. Steven Curtis Chapman — Declaration, Sparrow

Declaration is Steven Curtis Chapman’s best all-around quality album ever. He seems to be moving away from his country and inspirational style and transforming into guitar rock. Combined with his stunning lyrics makes it my choice for the best Christian album of the year.

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