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Cal Bap evangelism students lead 32 people to Christ

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (BP)–Students in an evangelism class at California Baptist University shared the Gospel with 186 people during the final two months of the fall semester, resulting in 32 professions of faith in Christ.

Among those who accepted Christ were a student’s aunt, another student’s cousin and a few students’ friends at work.

As recounted by Chris Morgan, associate dean of CBU’s school of Christian ministries, the 18 students in his class “learned a variety of ways to share how all people need forgiveness from God because of our sin, how Christ has provided forgiveness for our sin by His substitutionary death and resurrection and how we all must receive God’s gift of forgiveness by turning from our sins and trusting in Christ.”

“Every student formulated his or her own personal approach and even equipped two other Christians from outside the class to share the Gospel,” Morgan said, adding, “Two students reported that people they equipped to witness led someone to Christ.”

Students kept journals of their witnessing experiences and began conversations with friends, parents, grandparents and even strangers about the possibilities for salvation and a personal relationship with God.

“I used to think that there was no greater privilege than to watch God use you to draw people to Himself,” Morgan said. “I might have been mistaken.

“Now I believe that there is no greater thrill than to see God use those that you’ve equipped to draw people to Himself. What a joy it is to see students burdened for and actively sharing the Gospel with their friends, family and co-workers who do not know Christ.”

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