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Chinese who haven’t heard Gospel focus of June 8 prayer intercession

RICHMOND, Va. (BP)–On June 8, Southern Baptists will take on an enormous task: praying and fasting for the more than 1 billion Chinese who have yet to hear of the love and saving power of Jesus Christ.

“Praying for so many people may seem daunting, but the power of united prayer is immeasurable,” said Randy Sprinkle, director of the International Mission Board’s prayer strategy office.

Scattered throughout the world, from China, to Malaysia, to Mexico, and even Paris, the Chinese represent distinct ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Fifty-five million Chinese live outside China in countries across the globe.

In China, a passion for God’s kingdom is burning in the hearts of
Chinese Christians. With the world’s fastest Christian growth, China is seeing a dynamic working of the Holy Spirit and is home to many of the world’s church-planting movements.

The largest people group in the world, the Han, reside in China and number 1.16 billion. The Han make up 20 percent of the world’s population, yet less than 5 percent are Christians.

With a request only God can answer, prayers for the Chinese will be going up in mass on June 8, the Day of Prayer and Fasting for World Evangelization.
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