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Christian band bows out of movie, anti-Christian tone cited

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–The Elms, a Christian rock band, has turned down an opportunity for high-profile exposure in an edgy teen movie because of the film’s controversial content.

The young Canadian band members were tapped to appear as themselves singing their hit single, “Speaking in Tongues” in a film starring teen pop singer Mandy Moore and Macaulay Culkin of “Home Alone” fame, produced by R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe.

But when the band read the script, they decided not to participate.

The movie, “Saved,” essentially pokes fun at born-again Christians. Set in a Christian high school, the film is about a girl named Mary who becomes pregnant after sleeping with her homosexual boyfriend in an unsuccessful attempt to make him straight, according to canadianchristian.com. Mary is then ostracized by most of her classmates while her mother has a secret affair with the school’s pastor.

“The decision that The Elms made to end our involvement with ‘Saved’ was a difficult one,” said Owen Thomas, lead vocalist and guitarist for The Elms. “This choice has nothing to do with our band’s desire to be involved in film, or to be involved in mainstream affairs with people whose views differ from ours. There were simply several scenes in the script with action or dialogue that was so contrary to our beliefs, we had no choice but to withdraw.

“The film, in our estimation, wasn’t just work that approached life from a different standpoint than ours. To participate in ‘Saved’ would’ve been asking us to condone and support things we’re wholeheartedly against. …. We’re not ready to forfeit our loyalty to those things.”

The Elms recently finished a tour with the popular Christian band Jars of Clay and released their second album, “Truth, Soul, Rock & Roll,” in October.

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