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Please make the following changes to the BP article, “50 state emergency declarations ready for President Clinton to sign,” dated Dec. 6, 1999:

In the 18th paragraph, which reads: “I consider myself to be a Y2K … .” please change the paragraph to read: “I consider myself to be a Y2K agnostic,” Hyatt said. “All the data we have on Y2K is self-reported. I don’t think it’s possible to know what the impact of Y2K will be until sometime after the century rollover. Certainly, all of us are praying that it will be minimal, but we don’t have any hard evidence at our disposal to justify that conclusion. Therefore, prudence would dictate that we hope for the best but prepare for the worst.”

In the 19th paragraph, which reads: “Gribben, Wolfson and Hyatt said … ” remove Hyatt’s name from that paragraph.

Insert a new paragraph following the 19th paragraph, to read as follows: Hyatt said he has recommended, and continues to recommend, far more substantial preparations than a “three-day survival kit.” Hyatt does not share the theory that the impact of Y2K may be for only three days. “I do not share this assumption. If organizations have been unable to remediate some of these systems after working on them for years and spending millions of dollars, why would we think they can fix them three days after they fail?”

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