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Dobson: Get kids out of California public schools

WASHINGTON (BP)–James Dobson is urging parents not to send their kids to public schools in California for fear they could be corrupted by a pro-homosexual agenda, CNSNews.com reported March 29.

“In the state of California … if I had a child there, I wouldn’t put that youngster in a public school,” Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, told his radio audience March 28.

“I’ve been very careful not to be negative to the public schools because there are many Christian teachers that are struggling mightily to do what’s right,” Dobson said. “But … in every classroom in the state, for 13 public school years, they’re being taught homosexual propaganda and these other politically correct, post-modern views.

“I’m going to get hit for [saying] that,” Dobson acknowledged.

His recommendation drew praise from the Alliance for the Separation of School and State.

“With today’s courageous and insightful statement, Dr. Dobson joins the millions of Americans who have already discovered that the public schools have become government indoctrination centers which are no place to train new generations of freedom-loving Americans,” said Marshall Fritz, the organization’s president.

“Dobson is so significant,” said Fritz, noting that Dobson’s broadcast is heard by 200 million people daily in more than 100 countries. “This could open up debate much wider.”

Dobson’s organization has been critical of the California legislature and governor for passing legislation that will “devastate children in the state’s public schools and harm family life in the state.”

Focus on the Family last year singled out 10 “radical bills” that would “require teachers to tell children that homosexuality is normal and that anybody who objects is hateful.”

“If these bills are passed, homosexual activists will likely use California’s schools to destroy the Christian ideas about sexuality that parents teach at home,” Focus on the Family warned in June 2001.

Regarding schools, Focus on the Family criticized state-passed bills that extend “hate crime” policies to public and some private schools; use school-based health clinics to allegedly refer children as young as 12 for birth control, abortions, drug and alcohol and mental health counseling “all without parental notification or permission”; and define harassment to mean talking about moral objections to homosexual behavior.

Tom Adams, administrator for California’s department of education “curriculum frameworks,” said he was unaware of any pro-homosexual curriculum being taught in the state’s public schools.

But, Adams said, parents do have recourse for changing curriculum they don’t like, other than taking their kids out of public schools.

“When it comes to the adoption of instructional materials, a person can apply to be a reviewer, because we not only have teachers and scholars … but we do have members of the public,” he said. The state board chooses reviewers, based on an applicant’s professional qualifications and commitment to the review process.

Members of the public can submit public comments to the state board and attend public hearings on school curriculum. “The curriculum commission also has to have two public hearings on instructional materials, so anybody can come in there” and speak their mind, Adams said.

The state board of education has final authority on curriculum guidelines and instructional materials, he said. But “we make sure that when we develop curriculum … that it’s all done in a public process; there’s plenty of time for public comment.”

“We do what we can to make sure that no one is not heard,” Adams said.

Former presidential candidate and talk show host Patrick Buchanan was the guest on Dobson’s March 28 radio show. He agreed with the host that parents should take their kids out of California public schools.

“Anyone who teaches a child that homosexuality is a moral, natural and healthy lifestyle is lying to that child,” Buchanan said. “You’re exactly right. You should not let your children be lied to by people in authority [in] the classroom.”
Hall is a staff writer with www.CNSNews.com. Used by permission.

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