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Study stirs debate over impact of taxes on traditional families

WASHINGTON (BP)--Even if Congress fully eliminates the marriage tax penalty from the current tax system, the income tax will continue to discriminate against traditional families, according to a new study reported by CNSNews.com Aug. 15.

Feud festers over satellite TV merger

WASHINGTON (BP)--Cultural conservatives are feuding over the proposed $26 billion merger between two big satellite TV firms, DirecTV and EchoStar Communications Corp., and how that deal might affect media mogul Rupert Murdoch, CNSNews.com reported July 11.

Talk of cloning Ted Williams dims All-Star game spotlight

WASHINGTON (BP)--The July 9 Major League Baseball All-Star game not only will include a tribute to the late Boston Red Sox Hall of Famer Ted Williams, but it may also be overshadowed by a family feud involving Williams' remains, according to CNSNews.com. The feud has sparked debate among many baseball fans over medical ethics and cloning.

Creationism among issues in Patrick Henry accreditation

WASHINGTON (BP)--A Virginia religious college has been denied accreditation by the institution that effectively controls all programs authorized under the federal Higher Education Act, including Stafford student loans and research money.

Controversial ‘West Wing’ episode honored by religious communicators

WASHINGTON (BP)--A group of religious communications professionals has given an award for "excellence in the communication of religion's values" to the controversial episode of a television show in which the main character curses at God and crushes a burning cigarette underfoot in a church, CNSNews.com reported April 3.

Dobson: Get kids out of California public schools

WASHINGTON (BP)--James Dobson is urging parents not to send their kids to public schools in California for fear they could be corrupted by a pro-homosexual agenda, CNSNews.com reported March 29.

States ahead of Congress in efforts to ban cloning

WASHINGTON (BP)--While Congress continues to debate the costs and benefits of a ban on human cloning, some states are forging ahead with their own laws banning or restricting the practice.

Federal data on RU 486: ‘spotty,’ inconclusive

WASHINGTON (BP)--The abortion pill RU 486 can have serious side effects and complications, but the federal government's requirements for data collecting appear to do little to help advocates on either side of the issue make their case about the safety of the drug, CNSNews.com reported Feb. 19.

New doctors’ oath riles pro-lifers

WASHINGTON (BP)--When a medical ethics committee recently offered up a new doctors oath that failed to include an imperative for protecting human life, a Christian medical group cried foul.

Fathers carry pivotal sway in abortion, experts contend

WASHINGTON (BP)--As people on both sides of the abortion debate gather in Washington this week to mark the 29th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion, there's an ongoing effort to examine why women have abortions in the first place. Some say men are pivotal in the decision women make.